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Is having a list of Professional References something I need to keep current in today’s job search landscape? Will having references and/or recommendations benefit me? Who can I ask for a reference? How can I further leverage them to give myself an advantage? In this webinar, we’ll discuss References vs. Recommendations, the top 10 types of people who could make a good reference/recommendation, best practices when asking and sharing, and tips for leveraging to influence your chances of securing an offer!
7/31/2019 2:30 PMJob Search; Interviewing
Networking is a highly beneficial activity for individuals looking for a job, as well as those who are happily employed. Why? Because networking is about connecting and building rapport with others to help advance professional goals, engaging in continuous learning and development, and being part of a community related to your professional interests. If you are not in the habit of networking, this webinar will provide the information to get you started. We will discuss how to find networking groups and opportunities, what to consider when choosing groups/events, and a couple best practices for attending your first event.

This session will be presented by Chelsea Derr and Erica Woods, our Apex Career Coach and Manager of Contractor/Candidate Programs!
6/27/2019 11:00 AMJob Search
Did you know that you can lose up to 99% of what you learn within 30 days? In this webinar, we’ll share insights on how to strategize information retention and application to ensure you make the most of the knowledge and training you’re receiving!  We’ll introduce how to utilize the SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) matrix as it relates to skills development, and highlight our top 5 recommendations to increase your skill set!  We’ll also provide 10 additional learning best practices and recommended follow up actions. 

This webinar will be presented by Shannon Wenger, Apexs' Manager of Training and Development, and Erica Woods, the Manager of Contractor & Candidate Programs. Between the two, they've launched 15+ T&D programs, and helped onboard and train thousands of employees. 
6/11/2019 11:00 AMPerformance
Did you know over 90% of companies now use an applicant tracking system (ATS) for capturing resumes and applications for their job postings? Also, that these ATS’ prioritize and rank applicants based on how well the resume matches the job description and list of requirements? With this in mind, job seekers simply can’t ignore or skip the very important step of having a resume that’s “ATS friendly” and would have a more successful job search when taking the extra step of optimizing their resume per application they’re submitting. In this session, we’ll share some more “ATS 101” fun facts, our recommended 6-step resume creation and enhancement process, and specific tips for optimizing your resume so it ranks highly and increases your application:interview request response rate! 
5/7/2019 11:00 AMResume
Leadership gurus often say that the biggest thing holding people back is themselves, then want to charge you $999 to attend a weekend seminar with 7,000 of your closest friends to learn how to stop doing that. Don't have $999? Join this FREE session and learn about the tricky phenomenon known as Imposter Syndrome. Diana is a recovering Imposter Syndrome sufferer who will share what Imposter Syndrome is, why it's important to confront Imposter Syndrome, and some practical tips for how to combat it.

About the Speaker:
Diana Alt is a connector and problem solver who loves to use her skills in product management, data analytics, and agile development to sort out chaos and help organizations solve the right problems. Prior to starting her company, DKA Coaching & Consulting, Diana spent 20 years creating high value solutions at companies like ATI Nursing Education, Cerner, RSA, and CSC.

Diana is also a motivational keynote speaker who helps people understand how to get out of their own way so they can unleash their awesomeness on the world.  Some of her favorite words are "grok", "why", "kaizen" and "thank you".

4/10/2019 1:00 PMInterviewing; Performance
Thirty minutes after sitting down to write a resume, most individuals are staring at a mostly blank document still. Writing a resume is no small task, and stumps even the best writers! However, there are several strategies you can utilize for removing some anxiety and writer's block from the process, and make this daunting task more doable!

During this webinar, we'll outline some reflection questions you can ask yourself prior to writing, the major things Recruiters evaluate on a resume, and our top 10 areas/sections to include with specific tips for each content section.

About your 2 Presenters:
Cathy Miclat is the Director of Career Services for Vets2PM and a professional resume writer specializing in transitioning military / Veterans. Her focus is assisting Veterans in acquiring quality, relevant jobs in the civilian workforce and bridging the gap that corporations face in hiring Veteran talent. Vets2PM helps transitioning military members and Veterans achieve industry recognized credentials, and provides lifetime job placement assistance, LinkedIn optimization, career coaching / interview skills workshops, and a resume translating their military experience into civilian-recognized and understood terminology. Cathy has 26+ years of experience in Executive Search and Human Resources and has been writing resumes for professionals spanning all industries and verticals for many years.  She is a member of the National Resume Writers Association.

Erica Woods is the Manager of IT Contractor Programs and Philanthropy at Apex Systems. Her focus is on overseeing programs, teams, communication channels, and other resources that support and add value to their National IT Contractor Community of 15,000+. Erica also oversees corporate philanthropy efforts and STEM/Tech4Good programs. She has 13+ years of experience in the IT staffing world and an MBA from Loyola University. She delivers Career Development webcasts and writes articles for Apex and the online technical community, speaks at tech community conferences such as BA World/PM Summit, PMI PDD events and SQL Saturdays, and provides internal and external Team, Attitude, Performance, Career and Hiring Coaching. Erica also is a Co-Organizer for the Tampa and Baltimore Tech4Good groups, which are TechSoup NetSquared groups that bring together technical folks looking for skills-based volunteering opportunities with nonprofits in need of technology help/guidance/troubleshooting.
3/27/2019 10:00 AMResume
Finding a job isn’t an easy task. Add limited to no professional experience into the equation and it becomes more difficult. How can you overcome this challenge as an entry or junior level job seeker? This webinar will focus on strategies to improve your chances of landing that job with resume tips, job search tactics, interview advice, skills building strategies and more!

Who are the speakers? This session will be co-presented by Chelsea Derr and Erica Woods, our Apex Career Coach and Manager of Contractor Programs!
3/12/2019 11:00 AMJob Search
Session Abstract:
The roots of modern-day project management and the military are tightly interwoven. Many of the current tools in use throughout commercial project management were initially developed by the military to propel the nation forward in times of crisis. Modern project managers and military service members share a common history. Could there be more to this linkage than meets the eye? As a transitioning military professional, you have a unique opportunity to become commercial project manager.

Learning Objectives
1. Gain an understanding of the history of project management and its roots in the United States Military.
2. Learn the close relationship between commercial project management and the warfighter.
3. Provide transitioning military service members a simplified method to become project managers.

Speaker Bio:
Jay Hicks is an author, instructor and consultant, with 33 years of business and government leadership experience. After a distinguished Army career, Jay developed multiple project management organizations for several defense corporations. With special kinship for military personnel, Jay provides guidance on successful military transition through his company, Gr8Transitions4U. To that end, Jay has published “The Transitioning Military Project Manager”, along with 4 other books in “The Transitioning Military Book Series”, assisting numerous military personnel and their quest for a successful and lucrative post-military career. Jay is the Director of Programs for S4, Inc. in Tampa, Florida.
2/21/2019 11:00 AMMilitary; Job Search
Did you know that your performance and productivity can rise up to 56% when you’re in an optimistic and happy state of mind? That you can have a positive influence on someone’s energy level and attitude/mood within two minutes? A focus on happiness and a positive attitude impacts energy, mood, and outlook, and does wonders for performance, relationships, outlook, problem-solving and overall satisfaction! In this webinar, we'll introduce the concept of positive psychology, the happiness advantage, and our top 12 hacks for how you can be happier in your career! 
1/17/2019 11:00 AMAttitude; Performance
Princeton Professor Alex Todorov did an experiment where he showed people pictures on candidates running for local office. He found that with nothing but a picture, people could guess who won about 70% of the time! Todorov found that people look for trust & competence in someone they're considering voting for. If simply a picture can get you elected, how important is your own LinkedIn profile?
Often times the first impression with a potential employer happens before you meet anyone face to face. Jeff Baird, certified body language coach, hiring manager and career hacking coach will share how to catch the attention of hiring managers and recruiters, and get you more interviews.

Jeff Baird is a certified body language trainer, goal hacker, hiring manager and the anti-boring corporate trainer. He's also worked in IT and Business intelligence for nearly 20 years and is a Chris Hemsworth look-a-like. Just checking to see if you're still reading. Jeff's approach is science backed, applicable & fun. He'll help you take control of your nonverbal communication, 'read' others' body language and finally nail those stretch goals. He's ready to help you break through your career (or life) plateaus.
12/7/2018 1:00 PMLinkedIn
Our ‘Ask Us Anything: Job Search Q&A Panels’ give job seekers the opportunity to ask any questions they have around the job search process, and 3 panelists will address each question and provide their advice! Ask us anything around job search resources, follow up protocol (after submitting resume), effectively working with Recruiters, resumes, LinkedIn or other online profiles, interviewing, candidate marketing/branding tips, or anything else you’re running into that you’d like advice on!

Who are our panelists/advisors? They include: Carrie Collier (National STEM and Talent Advocate), Cate Murray (PMO/BA Recruiting Practice Director) and Erica Woods (Manager, IT Contractor Programs and Philanthropy). Combined, our 3 panelists have 30+ years of experience in technology staffing and career coaching.
11/13/2018 1:30 PMJob Search
What are the key components of a successful interview process? How do you deliver a strong response to the common "tell me about yourself" question?  What questions should you be asking?  How do you build, and then demonstrate, confidence during an interview?  What post-interview follow up protocol should you follow?  What else should you provide pre, during, and post interview to showcase your credibility and gain a leg up against other candidates/interviewees?  We'll provide our top tips around interview preparation and address any questions during this session!  

Additional Resources:
1. Tips for addressing "What is your biggest weakness? question (article) -
2. How to Ask For & Leverage Recommendations (30 min webinar) -
3. Overcoming "Imposter Syndrome" (45 min webinar) -
9/18/2018 11:00 AMInterviewing
Did you know up to 92% of people experience anxiety in interviews? Perhaps you thought it was just you! Nearly everyone gets nervous when they're in the hot seat! But you don't have to let it control you or the outcome of your interview. Jeff Baird, body language trainer & career hacking coach will share with you WHY you get so worked up (even when it's not logical). And more importantly WHAT you can do about it. So you can confidently present your best self and get a big fat job offer!
9/7/2018 1:00 PMInterviewing
Want to be considered one of the best employees on your team? In your group? At your company? Looking for ideas on how you can improve your performance and be known as “one of the best?” Especially if you want to set yourself apart and grow within your organization, you’ll want to make every effort to establish yourself as a reliable, eager, competent and value-add professional! In this session, we’ll highlight our top 15 traits in becoming a top performer, which include being proactively helpful, providing unanticipated value, and having the mentality that building relationships with all internal and external stakeholders and providing superior customer service are part of every job description.
8/21/2018 11:00 AMPerformance
It’s no surprise that searching for a job can be a very stressful time. Some people believe the job searching process causes as much anxiety as buying a house or planning a wedding.

We’ll highlight our top 14 job search strategies, including advice around best resources for identifying job leads, how to work with Recruiters, follow up protocol on your application/s, resume best practices, candidate branding/marketing, ways to differentiate yourself amongst other applicants, interviewing best practices, communicating with confidence, consideration criteria for evaluating your options, and more. You’ll walk away with 2-3+ suggestions that will make your job search more effective AND less anxiety filled!
7/26/2018 11:00 AMJob Search
In this Ask Us Anything: Job Search Q&A Panel, we provided advice around: key resources for job prospecting, building experience as an entry level IT professional, career transitions, networking tips, free technical training sites, how to identify remote jobs, how to make contact with Recruiters and hiring Managers, using social media for your job search, resources for targeting Director level jobs, interview tips, protecting your references, and crafting strong and concise professional elevator pitches!

7/19/2018 11:00 AMJob Search
Interested in exploring or expanding your career in project management? We’re hosting a ‘Project Management Career Panel’ with our PM/BA Practice Director and 6 of our PM-focused Recruiters. With a combined 45 years of experience supporting Project Managers and Business Analysts in their job search, our panel will share advice around what stands out on resumes, value our clients place on PMI Certifications, market trends, ways to differentiate yourself, job search and interview tips, and additional career advancement strategies.
7/12/2018 11:30 AMTrends; Job Search; Resume
Establishing a strong, positive, credible online presence, and engaging in Online Reputation Management, is a crucial piece of the job search process at this point! The major profile you want to build out and have a strong image on is LinkedIn. For Programmers, you'd also include GitHub. In this virtual workshop, we'll highlight LinkedIn profile best practices, including: a customized tag line, skills summary, power of recommendations, adding relevant skills, and more!

Want a preview? Here's a blog on 'Online Branding/Reputation Management and LinkedIn Profiles' via

For Developers/Programmers, having a GitHub account is vital.  Learn more about GitHub, and its importance, via this blog from our Applications Practice Director -

6/21/2018 11:30 AMLinkedIn
How do I begin to write a "professional marketing product" (i.e. your resume) that will be seen, capture the attention of my "target audience" (i.e. Recruiter, hiring Manager, HR Rep, etc.), and communicate my skills and background effectively?  There are numerous stressors and hurdles when crafting this very important product, but a helpful first step is understanding those hurdles and identifying a strategy for overcoming!  In this virtual resume workshop, we'll discuss 5 major "resume truths" that exist today and how to address and overcome each to ensure your resume 1.) gets seen, 2.) captures attention and engages the resume reviewer, 3.) is easily digested by a non-technical audience/reviewer, 4.) communicates your impact, and 5.) aligns with a quality LinkedIn or GitHub profile, which is another very important "professional marketing material.”

Here's a blog we wrote on this topic if you'd like to scope out -
5/31/2018 11:30 AMResume
If you are a current or aspiring RPA Professional looking for more information on what Hiring Managers are seeking nationwide then this webinar is for you!   Join us for a panel style interview with some of Apex’s most successful Account Managers who have placed RPA professionals with their clients.  This 60 minute webinar will highlight some of the major trends around RPA (robotic process automation), including some of the "major players" (i.e. vendors and tools).

Anxious to learn more straight away?  Check out our blog discussing trends and popular articles over the last year:
5/23/2018 12:00 PMTrends
Former FBI Special Agent Jack Schafer was given assignments to get information from foreign spies or convince foreign diplomats to turn against their country and work for the United States. He was able to build a relationship of trust with these individuals, by following the pattern all humans go through in developing trust and friendship. Even if the stakes aren't so high, sometimes it feels just as daunting of a task to walk into an interview.

Certified body language trainer & self mastery coach, Jeff Baird shares science backed strategies to help you nail your next interview and get the job of your dreams.

Jeff Baird is a certified body language trainer, goal hacker, hiring manager and the anti-boring corporate trainer. He's also worked in IT and Business intelligence for nearly 20 years and is a Chris Hemsworth look-a-like. Just checking to see if you're still reading. Jeff's approach is science backed, applicable & fun. He'll help you take control of your nonverbal communication, 'read' others' body language and finally nail those stretch goals. He's ready to help you break through your career (or life) plateaus.
5/18/2018 1:00 PMInterviewing