Virtual Apex Client Delivery Centers

How Can I Run My Business Virtually and Still Get Results?
With the requirement for remote work due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, Apex is presenting new and innovative ways to meet this demand and any similar future situation. We are combining our industry and solutions expertise from our multiple physical onshore and nearshore Apex Client Delivery Centers (ACDC) with best practices for remote work to launch a fully remote Virtual ACDC (vACDC). The vACDCs are serving clients’ needs by managing all aspects of a dedicated virtual team for specific projects and solutions and by keeping team members productive, connected and engaged.
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Your Solution for a Virtual World
Our vACDC’s use Apex’s digital tools, industry knowledge and technical skills to provide fully distributed teams of product and project managers, engineers, developers, analysts and specialists that deliver our proven solutions to meet our clients’ needs. Our vACDC framework implements and measures key capabilities and metrics that can be tailored to your specific needs. We’ll make sure that virtual teams deliver the expected results just the same as our on-site or remote teams. But we’re also paying special attention to collaboration by putting in place tools, processes and oversight to keep everyone communicating and motivated. Finally, we provide our clients visibility into the vACDC through Key Performance Indicators that provide both a snapshot and trends of all the critical metrics.
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