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The Apex Advantage:
Our flexible, responsive account teams and national delivery model enable Apex to provide outstanding talent and effective IT solutions where our clients need them, when our clients need them.

Experience in Action:
​Our client, a major U.S. health insurer, engaged Apex to develop a real-time system interface for their clients.

Read more about how we helped a major U.S. health insurer support the well-being of their clients...


​ > ​Our Client

A major U.S. health insurer.

​ > ​Situation

Apex was engaged by one of our industry leading clients to conduct an assessment, develop a roadmap, design an architecture, and manage the development of a system that would provide customers with the ability to self-manage their own health through an interactive, real-time system interface.

The key objectives of this engagement were to:

  • Define the gap between current customer interactions and the desired future state
  • Evaluate existing technology to support analytic processes and interface decision optimization
  • Establish metrics for system performance, efficacy and ROI
  • Design system architecture to integrate multiple data sources, analytical and business processes
  • Reduce overall claims expense while increasing wellness across the customer base
  • Increase the overall experience, retention, loyalty and lifetime value of each customer
​ > Services
  • Roadmapping
  • Gap Assessment
  • Technical Architecture
  • Program Management


​ > Solution

The approach to executing this engagement began with Apex conducting in-depth interviews across the client’s business and technical interests to accurately define the gap between the current customer’s wellness management and the desired end state. The client desired a real-time, interactive, optimized system that could provide accurate and preferred series of actions for each individual. Apex managed a combined team of in-house and contracted developers and analysts to design, develop and implement the desired composite system. The system included the ability to collect, store and perform statistical analysis of historical data and also construct predictive models and rank alternative outcomes across different segments of customers. In addition, the system could develop specific business rules to optimize and prioritize recommended actions.








​ > Results

The system that emerged from this effort delivers optimized recommendations to customers based on their individual health history and current state of wellness, which allows them to select specific activities that enable self-management of their healthcare. Response time to inquiries is typically less than 700ms. Estimated claims savings in the first nine months of deployment is in excess of $16 million.