Domestic Sourcing

The Search for Talent Requires Creativity
Site selection can be the difference in the fierce battle for technical talent. Locations should have a steady pipeline of available resources from universities and military installations. Attracting and retaining talent often means offering workspace close to amenities which enable a work-life balance. State and local incentives can boost the return on investment on any investment in a new location. By carefully considering educational, workplace, and real estate trends, tech companies of all shapes and sizes could prevail in the battle for technical talent.

How do you find the right location for your technical workforce?
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Our Solution
Domestic Talent at the Right Price
Apex’s Domestic Sourcing solution helps customers identify and relocate teams to lower cost workforce locations. Our Domestic Sourcing Model considers a number of factors including real estate trends, municipal incentives, University concentration, proprietary wage data, and military presence. The Model is customizable to accommodate any scenario focused on identifying a lower cost location for technical talent.

Success Story

The Apex Advantage
We leverage an unparalleled database of current and historical pay wage information and a variety of facility, military, and education partnerships to identify the most cost effective markets for a workforce. We offer a fully integrated service continuum allowing us to go from analysis to staffing fast.

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