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With the evolution of the digital world, your customers are expecting more at a faster pace. Technology is no longer bringing up the rear of an organization and it’s time for a culture shift that brings together your siloed development and operations teams. This means disparate groups who rarely interacted are now coming together to try and shorten development cycles, fail fast and fail safe, communicate effectively, and increase efficiency with less production errors. An average DevOps transition can take as long as two years to fully populate within an enterprise.
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Our Solution
High Velocity Changes to Win the Race
DevOps is the combination of cultural philosophies, practices and tools that increase an organization’s ability to deliver applications and services at a high velocity. Our offerings will help a customer set up DevOps toolset to enhance an organization’s effectiveness and include the following:

  • Present-State Gap Analysis
  • Future-State Recommendation
  • Roadmap for Maturity
  • Standards and Best Practices

  • Launch Entire DevOps Teams
  • Adjust Cultural Alignment and Integrate Teams
  • Bolster Talent
  • Provide Active Mentorship and Leadership Continuity

  • Select appropriate Tools and Technologies
  • Build Test Automation Pipeline
  • Cover the Core Business Processes
  • Smoke/Regression Testing
  • Load and Performance Testing
  • Enable Data-driven Testing

  • Remove the Guesswork Around Security and Infrastructure
  • Actively Monitor the Current State
  • Collect Data
  • Alerting, Triaging, and Automating a Response
  • Identifying Trends for Ready-State Prediction

Success Story
The Apex Advantage
Our experienced solution leaders are ready to help build and deploy a customized solution. Additionally, we can provide you with immediate access to top DevOps talent and can also leverage our Apex Talent University to up-skill resources for cost savings.

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