In today’s IT world, Security, Compliance and Privacy are challenges that if not met, can be disastrous for any company. Apex is keenly aware of these risks and the need to have experts that are knowledgeable and experienced in helping you to protect your data, your customers and your reputation.

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The Apex Advantage:
Our flexible, responsive account teams and national delivery model enable Apex to provide outstanding talent and effective IT solutions where our clients need them, when our clients need them.

Experience in Action:

Our client, a Fortune 500 telecommunications and professional services company, engaged Apex to support their network management and maintenance tasks for their client, a government entity.


​ > ​Our Client

A Fortune 500 telecommunications and professional services company

​ > ​Situation

Our client was supporting a government entity with their network management and maintenance tasks. This specific effort included operating a custom vulnerability scanning and analyzing service used to conduct host discovery and/or vulnerability scans on external and/or internal IP-based systems and networks. 

​ > Services
  • Reporting
  • Security
  • Risk Management
  • Vulnerability Assessments


​ > Solution

Apex’s team of security specialists partnered with a digital defense organization to provide service-based scanning techniques employed to survey the security posture of the target IP-based systems and networks. These scans proactively tested for known vulnerabilities and the existence of mainstream industry practice security configurations.

Vulnerability assessment engineers worked as part of an on-site team in a government security operations center (SOC) environment. These engineers supported the government entity in performing security policies to execute network discovery and prioritization, vulnerability assessment, risk rating, threat correlation, asset-based remediation management, and measurement and reporting.




​ > Results

Implementation included confirmation and recommendation of a scanning solution that met the requirements of the government entity’s IT Security Office.  Apex’s solution also offered customized reporting management and progress tracking of remediation efforts to security vulnerability.  ArcSight was also implemented within the enterprise environment to audit complex ASA firewall configurations.