Project Management as a Service (PMaaS)

Is Your PMO Keeping Up?
PMOs are under increasing pressure to adapt to changing business priorities while focusing on strategic alignment and driving overall agility and efficiency. To maintain their value proposition, PMOs must be responsive to the changing struggle with management needs of today’s project/product environments and adept at deploying the correct resources at the correct time. Additionally, the war for talent is making it harder and harder for modern PMOs to meet resource needs resulting in bandwidth issues. The combination of business speed to market and demand for high quality talent creates a perfect storm for organizations that need to change faster and efficiently.
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Our Solution
Increase Your Speed to Market
Apex’s Project Management as a Service (PMaaS) solution allows you to outsource any aspect of the building and/or operation of your PMO transformation needs. Our services help you create a highly integrated, fully scalable, continuously improving PMO with the added option to transfer any or all of our support to your PMO back in-house once it is successfully functioning. It delivers value, efficiency, and quality by leveraging people, processes, and technologies. Our customized approach is built around the customer’s needs and includes the following services:


Whether you have an existing PMO or you are looking to build one from the group up, we will tailor a solution to your specific culture and needs. We work with you to define the future state, align your stakeholders, and communicate the journey. Additionally, we will manage the identification and onboarding of resources, create and deploy customized training and bootcamps, and define and monitor KPIs and SLAs.


From PMO support to the full outsourcing of your daily operations, we customize our PMO solution to meet your needs. Options include day-to-day management of resources inclusive of demand planning, performance management and retention, training and development, continuous improvement, alignment to governance, and portfolio and change management.


Transfer provides the option to transfer both the PMO and/or the resources back in-house. This includes transition planning, knowledge transfer, and rebadging.

Success Story

The Apex Advantage
We provide a fit-for-purpose team with real time scalability and the right to hire option. Our solution components built to impart best practices including workforce management, quality, continuous improvement, and governance.
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