In today’s marketplace, customer satisfaction (CSAT), efficiency, and quality are inextricably linked. Companies seek to streamline support operations in an anytime, anywhere, any device technology environment. The Apex Support Service Center approach harnesses the power of experience and expertise to secure breakthrough performance and productivity for our clients.

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The Apex Advantage:
Our Support Service Center solutions place emphasis on balancing CSAT (Customer Satisfaction), Quality, and Efficiency.

Experience in Action:

​Our client, a multi-billion dollar Fortune 100 technology company, engaged Apex to help grow its "Moves, Adds and Changes (MAC)" customer services offering.


​ > ​Our Client

A multi-billion dollar Fortune 100 technology company.

​ > ​Situation

Apex partnered with one of our clients to help grow its “Moves, Adds and Changes (MAC)” customer service offering.  Apex identified an opportunity for our client to improve overall efficiency through a more comprehensive demand planning and resource management structure. The overall goal was to increase our client’s service capacity while reducing overall cost structures, maintaining quality and achieving service level agreements for their customers.

​ > Services
  • Boot Camp Training
  • KPI Reporting
  • Ticket Management
  • Workforce Management


​ > Solution

The Apex approach was to create a new, scalable service model designed to increase our client’s capabilities for processing MAC requests and to improve support center efficiency. The model included a new pricing structure to shift service charges from time-based to charge per MAC completed. 

With a clear understanding of volume metrics, Apex’s engagement management forecasted demand, which in turn, drove optimum sizing of the workforce, and enabled them to elegantly handle the cyclical volumes. In short, Apex was responsible for managing the efficiency of the team, while simultaneously ensuring that the required quality and customer satisfaction levels were maintained.




​ > Results

After a successful pilot phase during the first six months, which achieved a doubling in throughput without any increase in costs or headcount, the program was expanded significantly. The team size was ramped up ten-fold, trained and on-boarded in a period of three months. Apex was able to successfully handle 12-fold the original volumes without compromising customer satisfaction or quality. Another significant benefit has been that more than 50 jobs were created onshore that would have otherwise gone offshore.

Our client is now well positioned to expand service offerings for existing customers and to build upon their success and credibility with prospective new customers, all at a cost two-thirds below the original approach being used.