Need to Hire Multiple Resources, Fast?
Many employees toe the line between increased production and burnout due to the constant challenge to accomplish more with less support. Most teams are already operating at max capacity and will require added support for a seasonal event, business event, or a new product release, when budget does not always allow for permanent headcount. Temporary employees are always an option, but recruiting and on-boarding a surge workforce can be overwhelming for even the most experienced managers.
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Our Solution
High Volume Support at Scale
Our Surge solution is a high headcount, short timeframe hiring engagement that typically involves non-technical workforce management-based deliverables and activities. The outcome is a successful engagement for you and relief for your current team. This provides business continuity at its finest -- no burnout required.

Success Story

The Apex Advantage
With 800+ recruiters in more than 70 markets in North America allow us to find and hire the resources you need, when you need them. Surge teams are managed by seasoned consulting leaders who aim for day one impact on any Surge event.

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Value Reimagined
Is there a project-based or seasonal spike looming that has you stressed out? Contact us today to find out how Apex’s Surge solution can provide you with a reliable, on-demand team to ensure success.