Apex works with our business services clients to advance growth objectives in an unstable economy, increase focus on gaining a competitive advantage in a global marketplace, and find cost-effective ways to enhance your digital service delivery.

Apex provides staffing solutions for a full range of technology services; from large, multi-location call centers to a specialized Front End Developer to change the face of your website. We have placed over 12,000 consultants in support of over 400 clients in the business services industry since 2010. Our suite of industry-focused solutions are customizable to fufill your digital vision.

Apex has the solutions to meet our clients’ full spectrum of technology service needs.

Business Services Offerings:
  • Emerging Technologies, Cloud, Mobile, and Social Media

  • ERP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, SAP and JD Edwards

  • Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 Helpdesk Support

  • Project Management and Business Analysis
Specialty Skill-based Practices:
  • National network of technical recruiters and delivery center, local dedicated teams.

  • Sourcing and screening candidates with specific skills sets.



Higher Education • Management Consulting • Outsourcing Services

The Apex Advantage:
Our flexible, responsive account teams and national delivery model enable Apex to provide outstanding talent and effective technology solutions where our clients need them, when our clients need them.

Experience in Action:
Our client, a Global Provider of IT Services, Solutions, and Products sought a partner to manage an expansive workforce of technical support professionals in 20 different states and across 100+ markets. 


​ > ​Our Client

A global provider of IT services, solutions, and products.

​ > ​Situation

Our client was in need of an experienced, efficient partner to manage an expansive workforce of technical support professionals in 20 different states and across 100+ markets.  Two additional partners besides Apex were chosen by the client to accommodate the project’s massive scope.

​ > Services
  • Customized Recruiting Process
  • Specialized Applicant Screening


​ > Solution

To meet the fast-paced and multifaceted demands of our client, Apex assembled a dedicated team specifically focused on the project. The team included an Apex Account Manager and Lead, a group of recruiters, and an Apex Compliance Specialist. This team worked diligently to: 

  • Locate technical support professionals in each of our client’s markets
  • Conduct careful screening of each candidate, including 2 rounds of interviews
  • Coordinate travel arrangements for selected candidates to complete a week of training at client’s chosen site
  • Manage a strong, client-specific candidate pipeline to effectively combat any turnover
  • Achieve 100% compliance in all areas 



​ > Results

As testament to our good work, each year, Apex’s ownership of the account has escalated compared to the other two vendors, increasing from 30% to 60% to 90% exclusivity in the next fiscal year.  In addition, the Apex team has successfully been able to meet an average annual volume increase of 30%, placing over 120 technical professionals in the last year alone.