Apex has the personnel and solutions available to support key digital initiatives for financial services customers such as increasing customer personalization, minimizing cybersecurity risks, creating digital initiatives, and connecting consumers to your organization. Apex has the resources to support faster authentication and to shorten development cycles to keep up with your organization's customer expectations.

Apex placed nearly 17,000 consultants with over 250 clients since 2010. We have the experience and expertise to connect your organization with top quality solutions for vital projects.

Apex has the technical knowledge, industry experience, and skills to help our clients stay ahead of the competition and improve operational efficiency.

Our Proven Successes Include:
  • Enhancing customer experiences through technology and social media strategies.

  • Increasing efficiencies through workforce management strategies and practices.
Resources We Provide:
  • IT Planning, Application Development, Technology Support Services, Systems Integration

  • Security & Compliance, Data Warehouse



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The Apex Advantage:

Our flexible, responsive account teams and national delivery model enable Apex to provide outstanding talent and effective technical solutions where our clients need them, when our clients need them.

Experience in Action:
Our client, a Fortune 500 retail banking, mortgage and investment services company, engaged Apex to provide workflow improvement, development and functionality enhancements to their systems oversight platform.


​ > ​Our Client

A  Fortune 500 retail banking, mortgage and investment services company

​ > ​Situation

Apex was engaged by a client to provide workflow improvement, development, and functionality enhancements to their systems oversight platform. The scope of this effort involved supporting a portfolio of 80+ projects and directing the activities of a team dedicated to the special initiatives for individual operations. This entailed researching existing operations, developing procedures, modifying workflow, product and service requirements, as well as definition and follow-up on activities such as reporting, tool design, and build-application testing. Additional responsibilities included metrics development, business operations analysis, day-to-day team operations, and management of co-employment risk.

​ > Services
  • Analytics
  • QA & Testing
  • Program Management
  • Workforce Management


​ > Solution

Apex constructed a consulting team to spearhead the following core project activities of this engagement:

  • Delivery of an enhanced workflow monitoring system that allowed dynamic operational visibility,
    supported by  defined processes to monitor workflow, product, and service requirements
  • Strategic guidance for development of metrics targeted for identifying baseline and dynamic shifts
  • A streamlined business process for integrated mortgage operations
  • Transformation of manual reporting to full automation
  • Overall end-to-end project management
  • Reporting tool design and build
  • Testing environment design
  • QA & testing
  • Ongoing support 



​ > Results

Apex took an integrated program-level management approach to this engagement, which encompassed strategic guidance, application development, process design, and metrics development across numerous disparate projects in their mortgage servicing space. The results of managing these projects for our client produced increased visibility of operational trends, enhanced business process efficiencies, and real-time performance metrics that support Agile operational decision-making.