Apex’s Consumer and Industrial (C&I) industry team supports transportation, diversified consumer services, food, drug, and beverage, retail, hotel & hospitality and eCommerce clients by providing quality consultants, effective solutions, and knowledge of industry best practices.

Our C&I highlights include the following:

  • Awarded the “Valued Partner Award” in recognition of our efforts in support of an airline client’s 18-month long systems’ integration initiative
  • Recognized as the #1 vendor in terms of overall growth for one of the largest freight railroad companies
  • Support of 11 hotel and hospitality organizations
  • Partnership with 6 of the 10 largest grocery chains in the U.S. and is the sole source provider of services to a Global 50 grocery chain

  • Projects consist of enhancing online customer experience, toughening cybersecurity protection and developing business intelligence solutions. To find out more about how we can support your organization, contact us today.

    C&I Sub Industries We Support:
    • Transportation   
      • Aviation Services
      • Rail
      • Automotive
      • Logistics
    • Retail  
    • eCommerce   
    • Food, Drug, and Beverage   
    • Diversified Consumer Services   
    • Hotel and Hospitality   



    Transportation   •   Retail  •   eCommerce   •   Food, Drug, and Beverage   •   Diversified Consumer Services   •   Hotel and Hospitality   

    The Apex Advantage:

    Our flexible, responsive account teams and national delivery model enable Apex to provide effective digital solutions where our clients need them, when our clients need them.

    Experience in Action:
    Our client, a national chain retailer who focuses on electronics, computers, and appliances, engaged Apex to provide support for high volume seasonal electronic installations.   


    ​ > ​Our Client

    Chain retailer with a large array of brand-name electronics, computers, appliances & more.

    ​ > ​Situation

    Each year during the holiday season, our client’s high volume of sales led to a surge of home theater installations for their customers. Apex was engaged to provide a cost effective solution that allowed for greater project control and addressed the demand for 80% of their national retail sites. Apex needed to deploy hundreds of resources concurrently across the U.S., with a high headcount variability month-over-month and by market.

    ​ > Services
    • Specialized repeatable recruiting process
    • Performance Management
    • Workforce Management


    ​ > Solution

    Apex assessed the challenges, and built a monthly Demand Forecast based on demand planning model assumptions, historic volumes and current sales estimates for each site. We then built a “proof of concept pilot program” and tested across three different markets which then became the basis for launching the full program.

    Key elements of the Apex solution included:

    • Apex’s world class workforce management solution, including demand planning; resource management; recruiting; onboarding and training; performance management; and retention processes.
    • A repeatable recruiting strategy and processes to ensure resources were consistent with our client’s brand.
    • Implemented a rating/rewards program to ensure resource performance metrics were tracked and managed ; the incentive rewards were distributed monthly escalations.





    ​ > Results

    Apex provided a cost effective solution that increased the client’s ability to service sales requests, minimizing customer backlogs. During the season, 415 resources were deployed in total, averaging a performance rating of 4.34 (out of 5) and with only 11% attrition. Apex’s flexibility to accommodate demand changes due to varying sales numbers, inclement weather, and other unforeseen business impacts, enabled overall program acceptance, allowing the client to hit key company metrics, including utilization and fulfillment numbers not previously achieved.

    This program was viewed by client executives as a major success and our client:

    • Achieved 98% seasonal staffing, compared to previous three years average of 60%.
    • Reduced use of higher cost sub-contractors from 6.5% in FY14 to 2.9% in FY15.
    • Eliminated 3,000 management hours typically spent staffing for the holiday season, and repurposed that time to run their business during the busiest time of year.
    • Saved approximately 50% per hour worked on installation labor payroll.