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5 IT Trends in Today's Businesses

July 2017- by Sarahbeth Jones, Apex Systems Content & Communications Specialist

It’s easy to see that more and more processes and traditional methods in today’s thriving business are being digitized. Every department from Human Resources to Customer Service to Training is having to adapt to changing technologies, and historically non-technical roles are having to learn a new skill set. As both a business and technology leader, it’s helpful to know where exactly these changes are happening the most.

Seth Robinson, Sr. Director of Technology Analysis at CompTIA, recently hosted a webinar with Apex employees and clients on the changing nature of technology in companies today, providing great insights on the areas you need to be paying attention to and including in your overall information technology strategy.

We’ve compiled a few of the key points from Seth’s talk below.

1. Technology is progressing business instead of just supporting it.

The traditional viewpoint that business objectives are supported by operational IT is changing. IT is no longer just a supportive service to the real business drivers. Today, businesses are strategically integrating technology alongside business units to drive objectives, with operational IT still acting as a foundation. Seth explained that companies are now dedicating entire teams to research, learn, and implement emerging technologies. Technology is not just the job of the IT department any longer, each business unit supporting a company is keeping tabs in order to maximize efficiency and stay abreast of adaptation.

2. Virtually all business units are utilizing technology to support their business goals and solve major pain points, and their confidence in leveraging technology is growing.

At one point, new technologies were intimidating to employees, and many chose to stick with the tried and true processes even if they were less efficient. However, due to the growing use and integration of technology, most reluctant to learn in the past are jumping on board and getting “with the times,” and are becoming more and more confident in using technology. Seth noted this shift in today’s top companies, highlighting that employees are much more confident integrating technologies into their workflow and aiding in everyday tasks. In fact, 73% of large business employees polled said they were “highly” or “extremely” confident with applying technology towards meeting their business goal.

3. Technology is still a large category in the budget of all businesses.

Seth shared that over 90% of small, medium, and large businesses were spending the same or more on technology as both the IT function and among other business units. Companies are still seeing the need to update their current technologies and to incorporate new ones in order to keep up with the competition.

4. Technological use in businesses can be categorized into 4 main areas.

A major theme again is that technology is becoming more heavily integrated across all business units and playing a part in business strategy. But how exactly is technology being used? Seth categorized the use of technology into 4 main areas:

  1. Infrastructure - 35% of technology is still being applied to maintain infrastructureI.
  2. Innovation - 26% is being used to innovate new processes
  3. Integration - 20% is focused on the integration of technology
  4. Intelligence - 19% of the technology being used is collecting intelligence and reporting

5. Security is causing the highest degree of difficulty among technology areas.

Security breaches and hacks are prevalent among today’s top companies, and this is the technological area causing the most trouble for businesses. Other areas causing difficulty included: software development, data, back end systems, and front end systems.

These are just a few of the trends discussed in Seth’s webinar. To hear the full version, click here.