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PMP Certified? Here are 5 On-Demand Sessions if You Need PDUs

March 2018

Apex offers multiple webinar programs for our contract employees, candidates and client communities, including our popular Toolbox Talks webinar series, where we engage SMEs to discuss hot topics/technologies, best practices, and overall leadership.

For our Toolbox Talks, we host industry experts who are well-known authors and conference speakers in their respective fields, to do a mixture of highly technical, project management or business analysis sessions.

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If you have or are pursuing a PMP or other PMI certification, you’ll need to maintain continuing education to keep your certification up to date. “For all PMI certifications except the CAPM®, you’ll need to follow the Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) program and earn professional development units (PDUs) to ensure that your certified competencies stay relevant and up-to-date. Your PDU activities must relate to topics that are substantially consistent with the Exam Content Outline for your certification. Check your certification handbook to understand the PDU amounts needed and the qualifying activities for your certification,“ says the Project Management Institute.

There are tons of opportunities out there for you to earn PDUs. We have a handful of on-demand sessions worth PDUs, which can all be found here. Below is a list of some of our favorite on-demand sessions:

  1. 10 Essential PM Fundamentals in 60 Minutes with Carl Pritchard (1 PDU)
    This power-packed 60 minutes will include ten 5-minute training "packets", each covering one of the 10 practices that need to be in place to truly excel as project managers. In his engaging, storytelling way, Carl Pritchard comes back to Apex Systems with this "best of" presentation, highlighting the do's and don'ts of everything from WBS to tickler files and contract management. You will walk out this guidance with how to create better customer expectations, how to ensure others in a meeting verbalize their agreement, and how to avoid a contract "train wreck" with your next vendor.

  2. Loving Your Job with Carl Pritchard (1 PDU)
    Business coaching as evolved from fad to fundamental. Having the ability to “coach and develop others” is a necessary skill for all project managers. Bus with so much to do and so little guidance, how do project managers successfully stretch and develop others while getting the work done? Successful coaching is based on asking rather than telling, on challenging rather than giving directions and by holding a person accountable for results. This session provides a useful framework on how to get the best out of your team while getting stuff done.

  3. The Project Coach - How to Stretch and Develop Others while Getting Work Done with Lisa DiTullio (1 PDU)
    One of the great keys to successful projects is team engagement, enthusiasm and attitude. And while that's a very personal thing, it's also something that we, as project managers (and team members, for that matter) have an extraordinary level of influence on. We can build enthusiasm or crush it like a grape. To succeed, enthusiasm and a positive attitude must be honest. And in a "first things first" perspective, Carl Pritchard examines how we can make our jobs more positive, even when they're not the ideal. He'll look at how project management can naturally feed an infectious, positive attitude, given the opportunity. And by the time you log off, you'll have three specific things you should be doing tomorrow (and a couple you're already doing) that will provide you and your team with a higher sense of hope and promise for the days ahead.

  4. 15 Actions to Build Your Self-Confidence with Neal Whitten (1 PDU)
    Almost everyone suffers from low self-confidence at some time; while many people struggle with self-confidence issues regularly. Low self-confidence will hold you back from achieving your potential. It can cause you to miss out on many opportunities and leave you with a less happy, satisfying and fulfilling life. The good news? Self-confidence can be learned, practiced and become a core part of who you choose to be. Neal will show you how and presents 15 actions that can build your self-confidence. Mastering self-confidence can change the rest of your life.

  5. Practical and Passionate Product Ownership with Ellen Gottesdiener (Agile) (1 PDU)
    Agile product ownership is arguably the most important work leading to successful product outcomes. Product Owners need to be inventive yet intensely focused; collaborative but decisive; far-sighted but detail oriented. Ellen will share how product management and product ownership intersect, the key practices of practical and passionate Product Owners, and the aptitudes and attitudes of successful Product Ownership.

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