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6 Scary Parts of Job Hiring

October 2017

Bringing on new employees is a daunting task – one that influences the stability and progress of your business. In the spirit of the season, we decided to shed some light on some of the darkest, scariest parts of hiring and how a staffing and services partner like Apex Systems can help.

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1. Potential Employer Risks
Hiring without a staffing partner can be a major danger for a company. Employers open the door to significant and growing risks such as worker misclassification, security, and worker quality. With a staffing partner, these factors are significantly reduced with proper vetting including classification processes, technical screening, background checks, in-person interviews, and reference verifications. At Apex, we ensure each of our candidates is a compliant, quality professional before they begin work with our clients.

2. Exaggerated Resumes
Resumes are often sprinkled with “buzzwords” and skills candidates know employers are looking for but may not actually be able to demonstrate. Hiring managers often can’t prescreen extensively enough to verify that every independent consultant actually possesses all of the skills he or she claims to. At Apex, we counter this potential roadblock by using technical screeners with advanced experience in their respective technology to thoroughly screen potential candidates through phone, skype, or in-person interviews prior to contact with our clients.

3. Excessive Interview Time
The interviewing process can be long and tedious, requiring time and funds from leadership to vet candidates. Sometimes after rounds of interviews, no candidate is chosen and the position remains vacant. As a trusted partner, Apex reduces the time our clients spend on the interview process. We offer to completely own the process for our clients or involve them when the pool has been narrowed down to top choices, significantly cutting down the time and efforts needed by managers and executives. This means that the position will be filled by a qualified candidate.

4. Long Onboarding Process
Once a candidate is hired, there is an expected period of training that occurs. Depending on the level of efficient training and onboarding in place, this process can take anywhere from a week to a year. Apex strives to streamline this process for our clients, managing training and ramp up as needed so professionals are effective from day one.

5. Poor Cultural Fit
Businesses work hard to create a culture that leads to their success and strive to ensure new employees further contribute to a strong work environment. To guarantee candidates are a good cultural fit for our clients, Apex takes time to determine the most important values of our partners and pair their requirements with professionals who share the same qualities.

6. Limited Candidate Pool
When companies post a job opening without restrictions, they run the risk of anyone – or no one – applying. Either way, there is time involved in weeding applications to find truly qualified candidates or paring through a handful of sparse applicants who don’t meet your requirements. With a candidate pipeline of over 3 million nationwide, Apex ensures there is always a list of high quality candidates to choose from for any technical skill our clients may need.

With the right partner involved, hiring doesn’t have to be as frightening as it seems. Click here to connect with your local branch and learn more about our service offerings.

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