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7 Reasons Businesses Should Emphasize Philanthropy

October 2016

It’s no secret that successful businesses benefit their communities. They provide necessary services to patrons, jobs to community members, and help circulate the economy. Businesses also have the unique opportunity to support local and national organizations through corporate philanthropy. Corporate philanthropy can range from employees volunteering their time to contributing a monetary donation to organizing a fundraiser to support an organization. Regardless of the type of contribution, corporate philanthropy has widespread benefits for all involved. Here are seven ways companies benefit from supporting philanthropies:

1. It boosts employee morale
A 2016 survey published in the Journal of Business Ethics revealed that employees who worked for charitable-minded companies were significantly more likely to enjoy their jobs and less likely to look for jobs with other organizations. Knowing a company cares about not just its employees, but also its community and the world in general, is a powerful message to current and potential workers. Likewise, the act of volunteering as a group provides an opportunity for teambuilding that gives participants a break from the office and a chance to help their communities. Lastly, the act of volunteering provides natural endorphins and a sense of worthwhile accomplishment, which can simultaneously impact overall job satisfaction and improve performance.

2. It is another way to support clients
Philanthropic activities also offer an opportunity to contribute to a customer or client on another level – joining them in a cause they are passionate about can strengthen ties on a professional and societal level, enhancing relationships and establishing common connections. If your company is looking to get involved in a volunteer activity for the first time, start by looking at efforts your customers, employees, and other stakeholders support outside of the office.

3. It establishes community presence
Supporting a local organization or cause solidifies a business’s place in their community. A strong rapport within your community affects everything from customer interest to employee retention. Clients and candidates alike appreciate a company that has a reputation for good work among their neighbors and friends.

4. It helps build your brand
From a marketing perspective, philanthropic work is free publicity for your company and a chance build your brand as more than a business out for its own gain. Connecting your company with a cause or an organization can do wonders for brand exposure and solidify a company’s place as contributing more than the business and services it provides.

5. It can provide an opportunity for skill development
Depending on the cause you choose to support, and how you support them, you can give your employees something many of them crave: an opportunity to build or enhance a different set of skills! For instance, if one of your team members is interested in increasing their marketing acumen, he or she can offer to help a nonprofit with their social media strategy. If someone is interested in learning project management, he or she can offer to do a “requirements gathering” session with a local organization to understand their current business challenges, discuss how technology could help, and flush out a “project plan” for the group.

6. It can help attract top talent
Especially in the Information Technology industry, finding and then engaging strong talent is becoming increasingly difficult. Good candidates are in demand and have more options. Their motivators are also changing! Community support and philanthropy is now a major consideration criterion for new hires. Philanthropy/corporate social responsibility initiatives can help with recruiting and attracting the type of individuals you want to be a part of your team.

7. It contributes to the greater good
Beyond the gains a company can achieve through philanthropic work, there is the overarching benefit of simply contributing a positive impact to the world. Whichever cause your business chooses, your company has the ability to make a difference with your contributions of time, funds and/or manpower.

Apex is committed to making a difference in the communities where our employees live and work. We encourage donations of time and money and urge our employees to volunteer their time and talents to support charitable organizations important in their communities. To support these local causes, Apex provides one day of paid leave time per employee per year to participate in philanthropic activities in their community.

To learn more about philanthropic efforts at Apex Systems, click here.