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Advice from Apex’s 2016 Recruiter of the Year

June 2017- by Jamie, Apex's 2016 Recruiter of the Year

We caught up with Jamie, our Recruiter of the Year for 2016, on her top pieces of advice for job seekers in the world of Information Technology, Project Management, and Business Analysis. Jamie’s recruiting career is impressive. In her four years working at Apex, she has helped between 300-350 IT, PM, and BA professionals find jobs.

We asked Jamie to share her thoughts on top job search strategies, best platforms and resources to use, interview tips, and additional advice!

What job searching strategies/advice do you recommend to candidates?

Always use multiple avenues; never rely on one resource or channel! I’ve found that candidates find success if they diversify the resources they use, especially since different companies and even different recruiters use various channels to both identify and vet candidates. Use multiple job boards and talk to various individuals in your network, increase your involvement in the community, and leverage platforms like LinkedIn in multiple ways.

Do you have a favorite job board for job seekers?

In general, I advise candidates to not search all job boards, but rather identify and use the ones geared towards the types of jobs they’re looking for. For example, Dice is a job board primarily for technology job seekers, so that’s a good one to use as an IT professional.

As a top recruiter, what are the resources you use the most for identifying/sourcing strong technology talent?

I always revisit and touch base with the current network of professionals I’ve spoken to in the past first! Then, if I haven’t identified relevant individuals who align with what our clients are looking for, I’ll use LinkedIn, touch base with applicable candidates in our Apex system/database, and source via job boards such as Dice. I always welcome referrals from my network as well!

What social media platform do you recommend the most?

For job seekers, LinkedIn is key. Ensure your profile includes the keywords, common job titles, relevant certifications, and other buzz words that a recruiter or other HR professional might use to search for someone with your skill set. Also, there’s an option to specify you’re ‘Open to New Opportunities’ on LinkedIn, so especially if you’re not working and are actively looking, that’s an option you should select on your profile.

What are some of the top pieces of advice you provide your candidates before an interview?

Always have some background knowledge of the company before you walk in the door, and take the time to review the job description the day before as well. I try to familiarize candidates with the position, company, and manager. Also, it’s important to identify what experience/skills you want to highlight in the interview for that particular opportunity, and identify some of the key “stories” and examples you want to share!

Where have you seen candidates get ruled out?

Managers are very focused right now on hiring candidates who are both technical fits and culture fits, so I’ve seen a lot of candidates ruled out for not fitting the company culturally. Also, when candidates are dishonest about their experience, whether it’s intentional or unintentional, they are also passed over for jobs. Several candidates have missed out on an offer for fabricating or exaggerating the level of experience they have with certain technologies, tools, skills, etc. I’ve seen multiple instances where candidates have even said they’ve worked with a technology, or a version of a technology, longer than it’s even been out, which is an instant red flag and sure way to miss out on an offer.

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