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Learn Angular for Free and On-Demand. Seriously, We've Got the Goods!

May 2018

Apex offers multiple webinar programs for our contract employees, candidates and client communities, including our popular Toolbox Talks webinar series, where we engage SMEs to discuss hot topics/technologies, best practices, and overall leadership.

For our Toolbox Talks, we host industry experts who are well-known authors and conference speakers in their respective fields, to do a mixture of highly technical, project management or business analysis sessions.

Top blogs of 2017

There are tons of opportunities out there for you to learn about Angular or grow you knowledge base with Angular . We have a handful of on-demand sessions with Angular experts like Dan Whalin, John Papa, Sam Julien and Scott Allen, which can all be found here. Below is a list of our most recent on-demand sessions:

  1. Angular Architecture and Best Practices with Dan Wahlin
    If you’ve built an Angular application or are about to start one you’ve probably wondered about the app’s architecture and if you’re following established best practices. In this session Google GDE Dan Wahlin will discuss Angular application architecture and walk through the process he uses to help companies around the world architecture their Angular apps. In addition to architecture concepts, Dan will also discuss several best practices along the way to help make your applications more maintainable, more flexible to change, and easier to debug. Join us for a 1-hour discussion that will provide you with architecture guidance and important tips that can be used to build your next app.

  2. Deploying Angular / Node.js to Azure with John Papa ( Cloud )
    Your Angular app is complete! Now it's time to deploy it to the cloud. But how? One key ingredient is determining our goals. Do you want to publish directly from your laptop or through source control and CI/CD? Do you worry that it may work differently on your machine than the cloud? What about locking down versions of node, packages, and OS? Is your head about to explode? We'll demonstrate how to code, debug, and run docker locally to have confidence that what works locally will work in the cloud. The good news is that tooling has improved to make all of these deployment options within your reach to guide you to successfully deploy your Angular app to the cloud.

  3. Upgrading from AngularJS to Angular with Sam Julien
    One of the great keys to successful projects is team engagement, enthusiasm and attitude. And while that's a very personal thing, it's also something that we, as project managers (and team members, for that matter) have an extraordinary level of influence on. We can build enthusiasm or crush it like a grape. To succeed, enthusiasm and a positive attitude must be honest. And in a "first things first" perspective, Carl Pritchard examines how we can make our jobs more positive, even when they're not the ideal. He'll look at how project management can naturally feed an infectious, positive attitude, given the opportunity. And by the time you log off, you'll have three specific things you should be doing tomorrow (and a couple you're already doing) that will provide you and your team with a higher sense of hope and promise for the days ahead.

  4. Integrating Angular with RESTful Services with Dan Wahlin ( JavaScript )
    In this webinar, you’ll learn how Angular can be used to communicate with RESTful services using the new HttpClient service. This includes discussing RxJS observables, Http headers, GET/POST/PUT/DELETE and more.

  5. Angular Routing with Dan Wahlin ( JavaScript )
    In this webinar, you’ll learn about core routing features found in the Angular framework. Additional features such as child routes, lazy loading and route guards will also be discussed.

  6. Angular Data Binding with Dan Wahlin
    In this weinar Dan will cover the basics, input/output properties, nested components, etc.

  7. Angular in 60-ish Minutes with Dan Wahlin
    In this weinar Dan will review the core features of Angular for those who are new to it! He'll be covering Angular 5, the latest version, although most of the concepts apply back to Angular 2 as well.

  8. Angular 2 with John Papa
    There's been an awakening in the Web. Angular 2 has arrived and it's time to learn the key features that help you successfully build Angular 2 apps. We'll create an Angular 2 app from scratch and add components to track Star Wars characters. The data may be needed throughout the app, so we'll create a shared service and use dependency injection to access it from the components. We'll also cover accessing data via HTTP, using metadata to describe components, and the new templating and data binding concepts in Angular 2. You may not walk out a Jedi, but the you will feel the power of the force.

  9. Lessons from Large AngularJS Projects with Scott Allen ( Ode to Code )
    This session will cover some of the practices and patterns that my team used to launch a large AngularJS application. From code organization to error handling, we'll see tips and practical demonstrations to avoid complexities, headaches, and dead ends with AngularJS.

  10. Are you an Angular expert looking for a new job? We have 650+ open positions that require Angular experience today! Check out our current openings here.

    Looking for a staffing partner to help you find top Angular talent? Contact your local Apex branch here.