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Apex Announces Intelligent Automation Practice Group

August 2017

When someone utters the words “artificial intelligence,” most of us immediately recall images from our favorite sci-fi movie. Many of these flicks focus on robots becoming smarter than humans and eventually going rogue. However, in reality, organizations are employing AI techniques such as machine learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), speech recognition, and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to help turn everyday business processes into intelligently automated efficiencies.

Apex recently announced Intelligent Automation as its newest IT skill practice group. As the 2nd largest IT staffing and services company in the U.S., Apex’s skill practice groups are the backbone of our sourcing model and include the top IT skill sets organizations are using today. The introduction of Intelligent Automation as the 16th skill practice group occurs after months of identifying the area as an emerging trend for our clients.

“Intelligent Automation is the engine propelling digital transformation across the IT enterprise,” stated Apex’s Director of National Delivery Darin Stevenson, “Early adopters will thrive and put enormous pressure on their less agile competitors.”

In conjunction with the announcement of the new practice group, Apex has released its latest white paper on the topic, describing our strategy for tackling this new trend from a sourcing and solution perspective. Read the full version here.

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