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Apex Insights: Java Programming Trends

June 2018- by Evan, Apex's Contractor Retention & Replacement Advocate


“What technologies are popular, i.e. starting to be widely used/adopted, in my city and/or skill set?”

“What skills and technologies could I be learning to increase my marketability (i.e. make me more marketable to technology/programming managers)?”

These are questions we hear regularly when it comes to “what’s trending” in regards to technology. At Apex, we have skills-focused Recruiters, and I caught up with several of our tenured Java Recruiters to understand the key trends related to java development in their cities. They shared what they are seeing in their areas, what their hiring managers are asking for, and more!

What Java development trends are you seeing in your market?

  • East Coast- More Managers and development groups want cloud/AWS experience with java developers than in the past. A lot of our new job requirements list AWS as a necessary skill; this is a huge change as just in January AWS and other cloud services were labeled as preferred qualifications.

  • Gulf Coast- Clients have been moving more and more towards web development using Java Frameworks. Java developers have been needing to be more than just “back-end coders”, also needing full-stack or even full SDLC skills.

  • West Coast- We are seeing a lot more requests for true full stack experience (50/50 split), micro services architecture, and test driven development.

  • Mid-West- We’re seeing more and more full stack skills. Specifically, more AWS, React/Angular 2/4, DevOps, Scala, and NoSQL.

What are the top 3-5 qualities/requirements that clients are asking for in their Java developers?

  • East Coast– Spring (typically Spring Boot or Batch), experience creating REST web services or micro services, and some front end experience with either Angular or React.

  • Gulf Coast– On the technical side, we have been seeing, JEE/J2EE, Core Java, and Spring MVC. Very recently, a lot more AngularJS (in our full-stack job openings). Non-technically, we have been seeing an increased importance with being able to interface with customers, integration experience, and even more leadership skills in our Sr. level developers.

  • West Coast – Experience with Jersey and RESTeasy. Paired programming has also become more and more popular. This kind of skill set requires people who can code, review, and interact with other engineers in a collaborative environment.

  • Mid-West – Java development in a Spring environment, JavaScript, and DevOps have become more and more popular with our development groups.

Are certifications required or preferred for any of your clients?

  • The resounding theme here is that “no, certifications aren’t required, nor do they seem like a plus for our client base.”

What technical background are you seeing as the most popular in your market?

  • East Coast- Experience with enterprise cloud environments and in an agile environment are becoming more and more popular.

  • Gulf Coast –Mostly Java Web Developers that are versatile, and can work in a variety of development tiers and project rather than being narrowly focused.

  • West Coast –If they ask for a background, our clients ask for a Computer Science Degree.

  • Mid West- The top background I see is Java 1.8, React / Angular, and DevOps.

While these snapshots from locations around the nation might not cover every trend or important piece of technology, it does bring up a common theme. Java developers should expect their roles to become more and more full stack. In every region Angular was an important skill set, trend, as well as a top requirement from our clients. If you are interested in broadening your skillset to include Angular, Java 8/9, DevOps, Agile or other popular development languages/frameworks in demand, take advantage of our free, on-demand, tech webinars via here!

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