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Q&A: Jason Tootell, EVP on Apex's Value Added Services

Apex Systems is more than just a staffing company. We recognize the high demand among today’s businesses to offer increased levels of flexibility and speed to expand the benefits of technology on their bottom line. To meet this demand, Apex provides Value Added Services beyond the traditional service delivery model focused on unlocking clients’ value and agility.

Executive Vice President (EVP) Jason Tootell has been with Apex for over 16 years. As our EVP, Jason has responsibility for Apex’s Consulting Services business. Jason manages a team of sales directors and account managers who are responsible for our top national clients. He has successfully delivered a wide variety of managed services, workforce management, and managed project solutions to numerous Apex clients. Jason further describes our Value Added Services and how they support our clients below.

What are Apex’s Value Added Services?

Our Value Added Services are designed to allow our customers to focus on more strategic activities, improve productivity, and/or improve scalability. Apex offers nine solutions as part of our grouping of Value Added Services. Each of the solutions is supported by technical solution leaders and past performance.

What do Apex’s Value Added Services provide that other consulting firms do not?

Apex offers a service continuum which other alternatives do not. Our ability to package technical talent with experienced consulting leadership under one roof is unique. Many of the traditional consulting companies are actually our clients. They come to us for the technical resources. This unique model is considered the new normal by many of our customers.

Can you give an example of a successful managed service or managed project with a client?

A key customer of ours is using digital technology to optimize their business operations. The technology will enable them to respond to their customers more effectively and quickly. The large scope of this initiative requires the leadership to be focused on key activities. Our customer asked us to oversee all of the non-strategic activities associated with building and managing the development teams. As a result, we are helping our customer repurpose 120 hours of management time per week. The programs continue to grow as our customer moves closer towards their operational objectives.

To learn more, visit our Value Added Services Website. To find and contactyour local Apex branch, click here.