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The Surprisingly Easy Way to Audit and Improve Your Hiring Process

Many managers recognize that their hiring and interview processes have flaws, deficiencies, or simply aren’t attracting the right types of individuals that have both the technology skills needed and align with the culture of the team or organization. A common challenge we hear around improving their hiring processes is “I’m not sure where to start….” The answer can be so surprisingly simple; start with the people on your team who went through it themselves and the individuals who partner with the candidates. Receive “their side of the story” on how interviews went and seek their input!

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In your next team meeting, make this discussion a priority. A couple days before the meeting, set the precedent on what you’ll talk about; such as, auditing our current interview and hiring process and determining ways to improve it. Ask your team members how they can contribute to the conversation, so they know to come prepared to share constructive feedback and suggestions!

During the meeting, explain why you’re having the discussion and stress the importance of full transparency and honesty. Begin by posing questions in these three areas:

  1. Issue Identification and Resolution -Is there anything you experienced when you went through the hiring process, from receiving the initial job description to getting an offer and starting your first week, that was flawed, inefficient, or negatively affected your impression of the team or company?
  2. Discover Improvement Opportunities- Let’s all re-visualize the full experience. What would have made the process and communication leading up to the interview better? Could the quality of the job description have been improved? What was your first impression during the interview? What was your reaction after you left the interview? Could anything have been improved when receiving the offer or during the paperwork or onboarding process?
  3. Brainstorm Additional Ideas -What was the best interview you’ve ever gone on and why? What have other companies done that you appreciated as an interviewee? What else have you heard of other organizations doing that you think we should consider for our process?

As an additional best practice, bring sticky notes to your meeting and separate a section of a wall or white board into two columns – Issues and Ideas. Ask team members to put down their thoughts for topic #1 above on sticky notes and put them in the ‘Issues’ column. Then, have them jot down their thoughts for topic #2 and #3 and put those notes in the ‘Ideas’ column. After the meeting, compile all the ‘Issues’ and ‘Ideas,’ and prioritize in the order you want to address!

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