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Behaviors That Lead to Exceptional Performance

September 2017- By Neal Whitten, PMP

High performers are not just skilled at their particular job; they also practice personal behaviors that make them exceptional employees. Just as you develop your professional skills for your role, focus on growing personally as well, and you’ll see your career rise to the next level.

Here are a few tips from one of Apex System’s frequent speakers, Neal Whitten. Neal is a popular speaker, trainer, consultant, mentor and best-selling author in the areas of leadership and soft skills, project management, team building and employee development. He has more than 35 years of front-line leadership, project management and personal development experience.

"As you strive to achieve your dreams, these behaviors can lay the foundation for your journey."

  1. Understand and practice empowerment. Understand your job, take ownership of it and do whatever is necessary—within legal and ethical parameters—to accomplish it.

  2. Think for yourself. Challenge tradition, authority and the status quo in a professional and mature manner. Routinely question your own behaviors and actions.

  3. Manage daily to your top three priorities. They define your value and contributions and, ultimately, your career.

  4. Never avoid necessary confrontation. Always give problems the sense of urgency and importance they deserve.

  5. Don’t make it personal or take it personally. It’s all about what’s best for business.

  6. Routinely practice boldness and courage to be a consistently effective leader. Your behavior drives your success.

  7. Do not allow what others think about you to be more important than what you think about yourself. Listen for helpful snippets but remain in control of you.

  8. Trust but verify. Strive to build trust among project stakeholders, but insist on metrics, checks and balances and other tools to ensure outcomes are being met.

  9. Think like a leader. It’s not about the ability of those around you to lead; it’s about your ability to lead, regardless of what is happening around you.

  10. Define who you choose to be. Then muster the courage to walk the thought. You are who you perceive yourself to be; your vision becomes your reality.

About Neal Whitten:
Neal is a frequent presenter and keynote speaker at conferences, seminars, workshops, and special events. He has developed and instructed dozens of unique leadership, project management and personal development classes, and presented to many thousands of people from across hundreds of companies, institutions and public organizations. He has written over 100 articles for professional magazines and had been a contributing editor of PMI’s PM Network® magazine for over 15 years.

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