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Partnering with Bootcamps for Long-Term Success

March 2018- by Carrie Collier, National Talent Advocate


They say that even outside of a classroom, you never really stop learning. What are the benefits for industry professionals to seek out educational programs? Apex has teamed up with top continuing education programs where candidates receive intensive technical training focused on specific skillsets that are in high demand (Think: Full Stack Development, Web Development, Data Science and UI/UX Development). Our contractors and clients have so much to gain from these training Bootcamps and it’s easy to see why!

Benefits for Contract Employees

Optimizing Your Workforce:
The goal of many contracted professionals is to ultimately gain full-time employment. Bootcamps allow professionals to gain knowledge that can help them excel in their current position, which can help them move onward and upward in their careers.
Hiring Bootcamp Resources:
Participating in these Bootcamps sets our contractors apart from other industry professionals which include Java, .NET, Python, MEAN/MERN, Mobile, UI/UX, Data Science and Cyber Security to name a few.
Continuing Education:
Bootcamps offer hundreds of feature courses for programming fundamentals, design principles and personal development. Some of the programs that Apex offers include PluralSight, SkillSoft and Safari Books.
Apex has mentors available 24/7 that will provide support and guidance for code-related questions. This program includes 1:1 mentorship involving topics like Java, .NET, Python, Angular, Mobile Development and many more.
Students who complete these bootcamps come from diverse ethnic, cultural, and skill backgrounds, bringing their unique knowledge and experience to the table. In addition, the IT industry has access to opportunities not available in other industries.

Benefits for Clients

Optimizing Your Workforce:
The demand for highly-skilled technical professionals is increasing rapidly and these programs allow our clients to corner hard-to-find niche markets. Our clients rebalance their contract to full-time employee ratio by providing quality talent for a more organically-grown development team and these resources support demand planning and solutions to minimize offshore dependencies.
Hiring Bootcamp Resources:
Our clients have the knowledge that their resource is highly trained and up to date on industry standards. On average, these students have 6 years of prior professional experience* and 54% of students have a Bachelor’s Degree.
Continuing Education
Ever tried to teach an old dog new tricks? It’s very likely that this trained resource will know about some newer industry standards or processes that a more tenured employee haven’t seen yet.
Our clients can rely on the fact that their resource has top industry professionals helping them which include technical architects, leads and senior developers. They not only receive guidance at work in their teams, but can also utilize our mentors as well.
Programs outside of colleges can produce driven candidates with diverse backgrounds. For example, about 36% of Bootcamp students are female compared to 17.9% in their undergraduate programs.

Bootcamps are an excellent option for both companies looking for tech talent and individuals looking for the next steps in their career. Apex is partnering with bootcamps to connect great resources with great opportunities.

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