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Contractor Spotlight with Chakrapani M., SAP Consultant

June 2018
By: Rachael Sorenson, Contractor Relationship Coordinator


“Chakrapani has been a critical resource for both my team and our entire company. Recently we had an issue arise which required significant knowledge of our business processes and technical solutions to resolve. Chakrapani was able to jump in and immediately pull a plan together with the teams to mobilize a fast and effective resolution. He is often sought out by co-workers and management for his insight on design and integration solutions for the SAP platform. I greatly appreciate his attention to detail and strong work ethic!”

The praise Chakrapani received above from his Manager has been a common theme during his 5 years on contract at this organization! We caught up with Chakrapani to learn a bit more about how he launched his career, who helped shape him professionally, and advice for others looking to go down the same road.

When did you start getting involved with SAP in your career? Did you always know this was a field you wanted to get into?
SAP is something I learned I wanted to get involved with when I was completing my Master’s Degree. It is the best software for ERP implementation and the majority of the fortune 500 companies I researched were using SAP.

Tell me about some of your professional mentors and role models. How did they help shape your career path?
I considered anyone who has more experience than me as a role model. You should have MANY role models and pick and choose which qualities from each that you want to learn. There is something you can learn from everyone!

What advice do you have for entry-level IT Professionals trying to land their first career, especially within SAP?
First, they need to have a good understanding of ERP business. From there, they need to decide if their passion lies as a technical or functional consultant.

What are your go to resources when you are needing to learn a new skill?
Internet -- YouTube videos and specific websites and forums for SAP related work. If I can’t find my answer on the internet then I will look at books.

Are there any challenges or hurdles you have faced while getting your education or throughout your career? How did you overcome them?
Not many challenges, but to overcome anything just always be one step ahead and ensure that your passion for learning never fades away! Once your passion for learning is gone your peers will quickly pass you by and it will become increasing harder to catch up on the new and ever-changing technologies. Always remember, the hard work will pay off!

You have been a contractor with Apex for just over 5 years, how has your experience been? With the end-client?
I have had a wonderful experience working with Apex! Very communicative and always helpful and friendly. The client I have worked for during my time at Apex is extremely innovative, I am constantly learning new things and for that I am grateful!

Outside of work – what are your interests and hobbies?
River rafting and hiking, I don’t have any specific plans for the summer. Honestly I forgot it was already summer! I am just excited to get outside and enjoy the beautiful Minnesota summer weather.

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