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Case Study: Placing Developers at a Leading Insurance Company

April 2018

CaseStudyBlog: java

Our Applications & Java/Open Source practice provides our clients with the knowledge and experience required to meet their unique technical goals. The digital software movement and the desire to bring talent back onshore are increasing competitive pressure and driving development projects everywhere. New software platforms, enablers, and tools create unique challenges for each organization to transform their internal software development capabilities to navigate these market trends.

Apex enables our clients to reach the market faster by rapidly scaling built for purpose teams focused on meeting business priorities.

Our capabilities and expertise include:

  • Over 200 clients currently supported for Java and Open Source skills within the finance, technology, communications, healthcare, retail, and energy industries.
  • Over 5,400 Java and Open Source consultants placed in the last five years.
  • Over 20,000 professionals touched per day across North America through our integrated recruiting network.
  • Over three million candidates housed in our applicant tracking system.

Read more about how Apex has placed developers to build a new telematics product at a leading insurance client below.

Apex’s client, a leader in the insurance industry, was in the process of building a new telematics product that would reduce the cost of insurance for safe drivers. This core product is the foundation for more products and a new division of the company. Building this product required Java developers to work onsite, but the client had been unable to hire qualified resources in its geographic location, delaying their project timelines. The client was receiving many resumes from its IT staffing suppliers but during interviews, they discovered that the candidates’ technical knowledge often did not align with the experience indicated on their resumes.

In order to help our client find the technical professionals required to meet their project timelines and develop this core product, Apex proposed an in-depth technical qualification and screening solution that ensured that all candidates from Apex were thoroughly vetted and qualified for this project.

Apex’s Java Practice Director, the local branch Delivery Manager, and a Java specialty recruiter qualified the skill requirements of the positions directly with the client manager. They then created a successful recruiting and technical screening strategy unique to this client’s requirements so that each candidate provided would have the right skills for our client’s program.

Additionally, they educated the client on our local pipeline of developers that our Java recruiters had been building for many years. This deep pipeline of candidates allowed us to source local developers who had previously not been contacted about positions with this client. Each qualified candidate that our Java specialty recruiters sourced went through a phone screening, in-depth technical evaluation with one of our expert technical screeners, and an in-person or web interview before he or she was submitted to the client for a final evaluation.

Because of our deep local candidate pipeline and the quality candidates provided through our in-depth qualification and technical screening solution, the client hired 11 developers from Apex and was able to get their project back on schedule. Additionally, because our local account team became intimately familiar with the project, the client selected 14 other Apex candidates in other roles for this project. The client also engaged Apex to provide technical professionals for add-on projects that followed over the next 18 months. Additional roles Apex filled included Business Analysts, Project Managers, WebSphere Administrators, Technical Writers, QA Testers, and Mobile Developers.

Hiring the right resources through Apex propelled the initial product development that led to additional telematics products that have been successful for the client’s business. Apex continues to work with this hiring manager for all of his teams’ IT resource needs.

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