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Consulting Services with Jason Tootell


As technology evolves rapidly, so do client needs. To best support our clients, Apex offers deliverable-based services with teams assembled to fit the purpose of the project and led by seasoned consultants. As a Vice President of Apex’s Consulting Services division, Jason Tootell leads a team of sales directors and engagement leaders to provide managed projects and managed services to our clients. We sat down with Jason to learn why he chose to lead consulting services at Apex and listen to his advice for future consultants.

  • What sets Apex apart? Apex has the ability to provide top technical resources, workforce strategies and tools, and value added services all under one roof. There are less than five companies in the U.S. who can successfully do this.

  • What made you choose this career path or what led you there? Opportunity. Careers are more about opportunity than a path. Consulting is an opportunity to help our customers address some of their challenges with a strong set of solutions.

  • What is or was one of the most challenging aspects of your career? Every customer has a unique problem.

  • Any advice to future consultants? Take a moment to talk to our customers about their business. Be curious.

  • Who if any was an influential person to you as a child or now? My mom.

  • What was your all-time favorite or memorable Consulting Services deal? Every deal we book is a favorite.

  • Any fun facts about yourself? I went to Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama!

  • As Apex’s Executive Vice President (EVP), Jason Tootell has co-responsibility for Apex’s Consulting Services business. He has supported numerous mid-to-large size clients in a variety of sales and engagement delivery leadership roles. Jason manages a team of sales directors and engagement leaders who are responsible for our top national clients. He has successfully delivered a wide variety of managed services and managed project solutions to numerous Apex clients.

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