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4 Traits Apex Shares with Golfers

September 2016

In honor of Apex Systems-sponsored J.B. Holmes’ participation in the 2016 Ryder Cup this weekend, we decided to take a look at some of the skills golf players and IT staffing and services companies have in common.

At first glance, it may not seem like the worlds of professional golf and IT staffing and services have much in common. However, many of the principles that the top golfers apply to their game are the same principles that Apex applies to its business. Below are a few examples of their similarities.

A Game of Strategy
In golf, each hole requires the player to develop a unique strategy to achieve the shot. To accomplish this, the golfer takes into account each of the factors contributing to the difficulty of the hole – terrain, obstacles, distance – and devises a plan for tackling. The same is true in IT staffing and services. Once a client’s technical needs are determined, Apex partners with the client to determine challenges and opportunities that may occur during the project lifecycle and implements a customized strategy for recruiting, processing, onboarding, and evaluating technical professionals.

Aim for Accuracy
It’s common knowledge that the objective in golf is to make a hole in the least amount of strokes. The best golfers in the game are highly calculative and have fine-tuned their skills to ensure accuracy with no wasted strokes. In the IT staffing and services industry, the goal is the same. At Apex, we partner with our clients to understand their project goals, skill needs, and company culture. We use this information to search for a good candidate match through a variety of sources, including our candidate pipeline of over 3 million technical professionals. To ensure our candidate accuracy, top technical professionals are screened for skill and fit. This process enables Apex to quickly place the best professionals where and when our clients need them. No extra strokes.

Identify the Appropriate Tool(s)
Each shot a golfer takes, he or she must decide on the appropriate club to use based on factors like distance to the hole, type of surface, and obstacles that may be on the course. A golfer’s clubs are similar to a toolbox; each club offering a slightly different advantage to the player. Oftentimes, players also consult with their caddies before making a definitive club choice. As an IT staffing and services company, Apex has a similar stocked toolbox for our clients. Whether our clients are looking for staff augmentation services, workforce management strategies, or one of our consulting solutions, we have the ability to help. It’s just a matter of choosing the right club.

Make the Shot
In golf, competition fuels the fire. The best golfers in the game are honed in on a shared goal while on the course: make each shot easily, efficiently, without error, and better than their competitors. The world of IT staffing and services is equally driven by competition. As a leader in our industry, Apex is focused on fulfilling our clients’ needs with quality professionals and supporting both our clients and contractors throughout each assignment’s completion. For over 20 years, Apex has been a leader in the industry and is recognized as being the best business partner for our clients and career partner for our contract employees.

Congratulations to J.B. Holmes and the
U.S. Ryder Cup Team!