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How to Get the Most Out of Your Recruiting Partnerships

January 2018- by Chelsea Derr, Transition Career Coach

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When working with recruiters, most job seekers focus on the end game of landing their next position. While that is the ultimate goal for both you and the recruiter, focusing simply on the final result can lead to missing out on taking advantage of some of the opportunities of working with a recruiter.

Here are some thoughts to keep in mind to capitalize on the recruiting partnership:

  • Disclose any areas of concern upfront, like lacking certain knowledge or technical skills in the qualifications. Trying to hide any deficiencies will do you no good, as it will eventually come up if you struggle performing the job. If you’re really not the best fit for the position, that’s ok. Share your strengths and weaknesses to help the recruiter determine fit based on importance of the qualifications.

  • Seek advice from the recruiter on how you can increase your marketability for the position you’re being submitted to. They may have suggestions for revising your resume or your interview prep to highlight the skills the hiring manager is looking for.

  • When considering other opportunities (i.e. “shopping around,”) be transparent and upfront with recruiter so there aren't any surprises. While working with recruiters, you are probably applying and interviewing for other opportunities and opening up dialogue with other recruiters. You also might have some hesitations or concerns with the position you are currently submitted to. Just be upfront with the recruiters you're partnering with. With concerns, express to them especially as they may know of other openings or can send your information around within their local recruiting team to see what other positions may be available.

  • Ask the recruiter for help preparing for the interview. Besides knowing the type of interview and the name of the interviewer, it always helps to know more. Your recruiter can provide information like the interviewer’s job title, their interview style and any additional tips. Asking for help or more information shows your level of commitment and interest in the position.

  • Maintain the relationship. Maintaining a relationship with recruiters can only benefit you in the future should you be in the job market again. You can connect others in your network who are searching with the recruiter to build your relationship. Reach out and inform the recruiter if your situation changes or if you see any positions you’re interested in. Building a sturdy relationship with the recruiter will guarantee success. Your loyalty and quality performance will make you stand out and solidify your partnership.

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