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Meet Our Leaders: Richard Stanley, Applications & Java/Open Source Practice Director

April 2018

We caught up with Richard Stanley, leader of talent acquisition strategies for Apex’s Applications and Java/Open Source Practice. As a Practice Director, Richard oversees national Applications recruiting efforts, provides training and sourcing strategies, and works directly with clients to create elite candidate profiles. Read more about Richard and what’s trending in our Applications & Java/Open Source Practice below.

Richard Stanley

Tell us about your role at Apex.
I provide Software Development knowledge and Technical Strategy for Apex. I It is my job to stay current on technology trends, work as a developer advocate, clarify our clients’ needs, keep our workforce knowledgeable about bleeding-edge technologies, scope projects for clients, and help design our developer outreach strategy.

What are the latest trends in your skill specialty, and how is Apex responding to them?
Application development is still moving towards web/mobile development as people continue to move their lives to a more mobile world. These mobile technologies are becoming more and more automated and more integrated with our lives with respect to consumer technologies. As a result, enterprise technologies are focusing on rapid-development micro-service architectures and growing their Big Data and Intelligent Automation strategies while consumer development projects are focusing on rapid UI development, JavaScript prototyping, and IoT integration products.

We are tackling this by building relationships with key technology leaders and providing the general development community with the tools necessary to constantly transition into new technologies. We provide technical Toolbox Talks, meetup groups, continuing developer training, and code camps to help ensure we are not just riding the stampede, but leading the charge of technology trending.

What certifications do you see in demand in your Skill Practice Group?
Scrum master is always in demand. Outside that, anything you can do to get certified in a base language is far more useful in terms of development and also job placement than people think. Additionally, Big Data and Software Security Certs are becoming more and more important as Cyber intrusions continue to grow.

What do you think sets Apex apart?
Apex is invested in ensuring that our technology community is successful. For us, it isn’t just about making our clients happy, but ensuring that every developer we work with has more talent when they complete a project than when they started. It is a passion point for me personally, as well as Apex, to ensure that all the technology talent we represent is able to map a positive career track as a result of their experiences with us.

Fun Facts:

  • I run a few Software Meetups in the Portland, Oregon area
  • I still play Dungeons and Dragons with my programmer friends from college
  • I speak Japanese fluently

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