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Giving Back to Our Communities in 2017

August 2017- by Erica Woods, Manager of Contractor and Community Relations, Principal

Giving back to our communities is a core part of our culture at Apex Systems, and we’re grateful to have so many employees committed to helping others! Our company goal is for each of our offices and departments to plan at least two philanthropic opportunities/events throughout the year. Most of our teams exceed this goal and participate in at least one philanthropic event, fundraiser, or drive a quarter. Our branches also do at least one fundraiser a year to support the American Cancer Society as a National Corporate Partner Against Cancer, our national corporate philanthropy since 2009. To date, we’ve raised about $45,000 in 2017 and $876,971 since 2009 in our “fight against cancer.”

We’re constantly impressed with the efforts of our team members, and the first half of 2017 certainly didn’t disappoint! Here are some highlights from some of our offices:

  1. Our Dallas and Fort Worth offices teamed up in their efforts to support the American Cancer Society, and participated in their superhero themed Relay for Life. They raised $3,736 through various fundraisers, like ‘Pie a Peer.’
    Blog imgae Road map.jpg
  2. Our Raleigh team also set up a pie-your-manager fundraiser to support their local Making Strides Against Cancer, which helped them fundraise $1,100 for the American Cancer Society.
    Blog imgae Road map.jpg
  3. Our Boston branch brought back their popular ‘Flocking Flamingo’ fundraiser, where individuals voted for the employee/s they wanted to sport a costume for a day at the office by putting change in that individual’s jar.
    Blog imgae Road map.jpg
  4. Our Denver team, like many other offices, loves animals and supports a number of animal related nonprofits, such as MaxFund and DDFL. Team members brought their pups for a 5k walk in support of homeless pets of a local animal shelter.
    Blog imgae Road map.jpg
  5. Our Atlanta branch team members worked in the kitchen of their local Ronald McDonald House, making food and baked goods for the kids and their families staying at RMH during their extended hospital visits.
    Blog imgae Road map.jpg

To date, Apex employees across our 65+ offices have already committed to supporting 88 nonprofit organizations. Our 4th annual ‘Quarter of Caring’ begins on October 1st, and we’re excited to see what our offices are planning to give back!

To see more ways in which Apex is supporting our communities, click here.