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Our Top Blog Articles of 2017

December 2017

Top blogs of 2017

As 2017 comes to a close, we took a look back at some of our readers’ favorite posts this year. From specific skill advice to the top certifications in demand to tips on prepping for your next interview, here are a few you loved:

  1. Top 10 Programming Skills in Demand for 2018
    Do you have the most wanted programming skills? Check out our list based on market data, here.

  2. PMO Advice from Apex's Top PMO Recruiters
    We created a panel of our top PMO recruiters and asked them all the questions you wanted to know to land your next PMO job.
    Read this article, here.

  3. Tech Trends: The Top IT Certifications In Demand
    Ever wondered what the top IT certifications were today? Well, here you go.
    Read this article, here.

  4. 15 Reasons Strong Tech Candidates are Declining Your Offer
    Feeling rejected by the candidates you want to hire? Read this to determine where you may be going wrong.
    Read this article, here.

  5. Defeating Anxiety in Interviews
    Nerves are normal before any interview; they don’t have to consume you though. Check out some tips on keeping calm in the hot seat, here.

  6. Deliver a Quality Post-Interview Thank You Letter and Increase the Likelihood of Securing an Offer
    Looking for the perfect prose for that thank you note post-interview? Look no further.
    Read this article, here.

  7. Meet Paul Bickford, Apex Systems’ Director of Emerging Tech for Back Office Systems
    At Apex, we love our people – clients, contractors, and internal employees. Check out this interview highlighting one of our own.
    Read this article, here.

  8. Why Managers Lose Top Talent after Three Months: A Love Story
    In original wit and humor, our own Johnathon Klink lets you know why you may be getting dumped by top talent.
    Read this article, here.

  9. 3 Steps to Prepare You for Your Next Interview
    Prepping for a big interview? This checklist should help.
    Read this article, here.

  10. 8 Question Objectives for Your Next Interview
    Do you have an arsenal of questions ready when the tables turn to you during an interview? Check out this list of must-asks!
    Read this article, here.

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