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Stable Infrastructure Key to Business Prosperity at Apex

February, 2017

It’s no secret that technology is heavily immersed in nearly all businesses today. It’s the driver behind many business processes, increasing companies’ capabilities for efficiency. Apex Systems’ CIO Rob Waddell knows this well, as he has effectively implemented an approach to connecting technology to our business practices for the last 10 years here at Apex.

His approach is influenced by the concept nemawashi, a Japanese term meaning nurturing and preparing soil for transplant. It is a gardening practice to ensure a transplanted tree is accepted into the soil. Waddell was recently featured in Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA)’ Staffing Stream blog regarding this approach and how it has influenced his work at Apex.

“I’ve used this concept of consensus building [at Apex] to ensure that we’re investing our resources into projects and initiatives that will deliver long-term success as this evolution continues,” Waddell explains in Part II of the series, “Anyone who has been in a role related to business requirements translating to technological solutions knows the difficulty level of getting the requirements, solution, and expectations aligned properly for success. The practice of skilled conversation ensures these things are already in motion with consensus before the implementation plan begins.”

With stable and solid infrastructure in place, Waddell has opened up opportunity for business to prosper with our clients and contractors. “From a technology team standpoint, we’ve let some of it come to us – and when we did have this patience, the business did come to us. We made it indelible by putting a process together to embrace and support growth,” Waddell relates. Turns out gardening and technology are more alike than originally thought.

To read the full articles published by SIA, click here for Part I and click here for Part II written by Waddell himself.

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