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​6 Reasons to Choose an IT Staffing Firm over HR

May 2016

Post a job opening online. Wait for applicants. Sort through resumes. Schedule interviews. Eliminate candidates. Offer job. Negotiate salary. Decide start date. Begin on-boarding. Complete training.

For employers, the hiring process is a grueling checklist with no guarantee of a good candidate pool, let alone a fitting hire. According to a recent survey by Express Employment Professionals, 65% of employers report difficulty filling jobs. Hiring a staffing firm can make the process less time consuming and more cost effective, especially for jobs that require precise skills, like information technology.

Access to Vast Networks of Candidate Pipelines
Instead of passively posting an opening on a job board and waiting for the candidates to come to you, IT staffing firms do the leg work for you, actively recruiting and building candidate pipelines around the clock. Not only do staffing firms scour job boards for new resumes, we receive valuable referrals from our best asset – our employees. In addition, IT staffing firms have teams of people networking and building relationships across the industry, ready to market and sell your company.

Increase Productivity
The recruiting, interviewing and onboarding process can take months, especially when your human resources department is consumed with other tasks. Top IT staffing firms have an average candidate submittal time of 24 – 72 hours, depending on the skill set, after a client’s job requirement is received. In some cases, selected candidates begin working within a week of the initial search process. 

Cut Cost
Rolling through interviews and candidates is costly to your salaried employees and doesn’t guarantee you find the right fit.  According to Staffing Industry Analyst, contract staffing firms save companies an average of 13% compared to using internal resources.  Additionally, staffing firms sometimes cover expenses related to finding and interviewing candidates like background checks and drug screens and get professionals to work faster.

Try Before You Buy
Utilizing an IT staffing company allows you to test the fit of the candidate – both at a skill and cultural level – before you commit to a hire, reducing chance of turnover.

Ensure Flexibility
Your company’s needs are constantly changing. When partnering with an IT staffing firm, your company is given options and flexibility that doesn’t require long-term commitments or permanent positions. The right people are available to fill a need now, and as your company’s needs change, your account team is there to provide those resources as well.

A Guaranteed Hire
After completing a taxing recruiting process and multiple rounds of interviews, there is still a chance that your company won’t locate the right person for the job.  With a staffing firm, we eliminate that chance and provide you a candidate that fits your skill needs and company culture, guaranteed.

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