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Stay Relevant and Competitive with Strategic Innovation

July 2017

Consistent strategic innovation is important for companies to stay relevant and competitive.

Leaders of traditional corporate IT departments can implement strong strategies to overcome fundamental challenges and leverage opportunities.

Regardless of the industry, companies must move with technology to meet the demands of the marketplace and the expectations of their clients. Increasingly, executives are recognizing the need to develop internal strategies to support innovation.

Our new Strategic Innovation Focus Area Overview dives into the benefits, opportunities, and challenges to implementing a strategic innovation program, including:

  1. Strategic aims of innovation
  2. Preparation and timelines
  3. How to implement innovative strategies
  4. Barriers to innovation and possible solutions
  5. An easy, quick idea to start the innovative process at any company

In addition, the document includes great examples of companies who have supported and succeeded with internal innovation:

  1. Adobe’s internal crowdsourcing tool developed to tap into a vast amount of unused creative genius within their company.
  2. Pearson Education Group’s mobilization of internal stakeholders and subject matter experts to review and test emerging technologies to support their business.

One of the keys to any strong strategy is to engage the right partner who has the strongest combination of experience, knowledge, and resources. Contact your local branch to discuss the ways we can help support your strategic innovation.

Click here to read our Strategic Innovation Focus Area Overview.