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Why Candidates Think You're "Just Not that Into Them"

March 2018- By Erica Woods, Manager of Contractor and Community Relations, Principal and Roshni Patel, Executive Managing Director

What Our Clients Have to Say

Let’s look at a conversation that happens more frequently than you might think between our Account Managers and the Technology Managers we support in terms of hiring.

Manager: “We finished up the interview about 30 minutes ago. We actually wrapped it up early since we know Tom is a great technical and culture fit! Let’s go ahead and extend the offer!”

Account Manager: “Yeah, I know you wrapped up a little bit early since Tom called us right after the interview, although his thoughts were that things didn’t go well because it ended early...”

Manager: “Interesting, okay… Well, let’s extend the offer. How soon can he start?”

Account Manager: “I’ll have a follow-up conversation with him, but he was a bit put off by the interview. He didn’t get a true sense of what the job will really entail and the technology stacks you’re using, and had some other questions that weren’t answered.”

Manager: “Well I have some time tomorrow, can you schedule a follow-up phone conversation?”

Account Manager: “I’ll work on it and call him immediately! Remember that I told you he has two other companies he’s doing final round interviews for, I believe which are tomorrow and Friday, so I’m not sure if we could get a conversation scheduled until Monday.”

One of the surprising things we’ve realized in our many years of IT Staffing is that many of our Managers/Clients end up spending less time with the candidates they are most excited about, often because they already made the decision they want to hire them. Yet, on the other side of the table, the candidate who is very much in demand has yet to make that decision about the organization, the Manager, and the job.

If you are on a first date that is going incredibly well, would you end it after 15 minutes? What impression would the other person have? That you were just “not that into them!”

As a Manager and Interviewer, part of your responsibilities during the interview process is to show your interest in the candidates you want to potentially hire, which you can achieve in multiple ways:

  1. Short and sweet, don’t cut interviews off early if you can help it!
  2. Focus on giving them the information about the role, team, projects, culture, future roadmap, and organization that they care about! Communicate what would they would get out of working at that organization and in that role.
  3. Give them a tour and introduce them to others they might be working with.
  4. Don’t cut the Q&A session short, and spend time understanding their goals and questions, and address effectively.
  5. If the person in the job now is still there, give them the opportunity to chat with them to learn more.
  6. Set them up with an HR representative to do a deep dive into things like benefits, 401K, training programs, PTO, and other perks/incentives of working there.

Remember, interviews should be two-sided, where the Manager/team gets an opportunity to see if the candidate would be a good fit AND the candidate gets an opportunity to see if the job is something that will be of interest and it’s an environment/culture they want to work in. Also, it’s human nature to have a negative interpretation of events like interviews, so cutting an interview off early could signify disinterest. Never leave the candidate thinking “they just weren’t that into me,” which could push them into in the arms of another employer.

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