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Top 10 Programming Skills in Demand for 2018

October 2017

As the 2nd largest IT Staffing provider we welcome the opportunity to assist our clients with market analysis needs. We have extensive knowledge of the IT landscape and recognize the importance of understanding the local IT talent markets in which we operate. We use a variety of tools to create our analysis of a particular market including: Bureau of Labor Statistics, CEB/Talent Neuron,, Internal Performance data, etc. All of these tools are used cohesively to calculate supply and demand, pay scale, difficulty of recruitment, and several other key variables needed to understand the market.

Below is our list of the top 10 programming languages and skills in demand as we look forward into 2018.

1. Python
View all of our Python job openings - here.

2. C++
View all of our C++ job openings - here.

3. C#
View all of our C# job openings - here.

4. Java
View all of our Java job openings - here.

5. JavaScript
View all of our JavaScript job openings - here.

6. PHP
View all of our PHP job openings - here.

7. iOS
View all of our iOS job openings - here.

8. Perl
View all of our Perl job openings - here.

9. SQL
View all of our SQL job openings - here.

10. Entity Framework
View all of our Entity Framework job openings - here.

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