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Still Flowing: Waterfall Skills Remain in Need

December 2017- by Sarahbeth Jones, Content & Communications Specialist

Last week we published a post on the Agile methodology and its growing popularity among businesses as a project management approach. Before Agile emerged, however, the leading approach to building a system was the Waterfall Method.

Waterfall blog image

The main idea behind the Waterfall Method is that everything flows logically from the beginning of a project through the end. A Waterfall project cycle typically has the following phases:

  • Requirements – The method starts with requirements-gathering and interface designs, if applicable. This is the stage where stakeholders are most involved in the process.
  • Design – Once requirements are gathered, technical design occur
  • Development – During the design phase, the development team usually engages their business partners when needing clarification and to provide progress updates.
  • User Acceptance Training – Once development is done, the product is provided to the end-user for a period of time in which they test the product as thoroughly as they can. Any defects found are prioritized and resolved if of high enough criticality.
  • Implementation – Once cleared of defects, the product is implemented for use.
  • Maintenance – The final phase includes maintaining the product with regular testing and fixing as problems are identified

Advantages and Disadvantages of this method include:

advantages and disadvantage of waterfall

Though, the Agile Method is emerging, Waterfall has not become extinct. Over 720 of our clients have required Waterfall skills since 2013, and placements of professionals with the skill have continued to steadily increase over the last five years.

Waterfall graphic

Stay tuned for our next installment where we’ll compare the Agile and Waterfall methodologies, going in-depth on when and why each should be used.

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