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What Our Clients Have to Say About Apex

December 2017

Each year, Inavero, a leading provider of client and employee online satisfaction surveys for staffing, accounting, and other professional services industries, distributes and compiles results from surveys to clients and contractors to determine Apex Systems’ annual Net Promoter Score (NPS). The NPS is based on the % of promoters, or those who express satisfaction and would recommend a company, minus the % of detractors, or those who express dissatisfaction and would not recommend a company.

What Our Clients Have to Say

This year, Apex is pleased to receive an NPS score a full 57.9% above the Staffing Industry Average. Contributing to our overall NPS, Apex received the following metrics:

    stats graphic

    Some of our clients also provided specific comments on our service. We’ve highlighted a few of our favorites below:

    “Josh managed his time, focus and energy to meet the needs of the [our] cyber security project. He understood the requirements of our project and responded quickly. [He] also provided very qualified candidates in time to meet our program schedules.”

    - Leading nuclear energy facility client on Account Manager, Josh Glover

    “Sean stays in touch with me, my business needs and the actual growth of my company. He is a true professional and we regard him in the highest esteem.”

    - Multinational information and analytics client on Account Manager, Sean Kerr

    “I can't say it is one thing. Venkat simply always is working extremely hard and is always available when I need him. Even at 5:30 in the morning on a Saturday.”

    - Financial holding client on Account Manager, Venkat Balla

    “Alexandria has always been very professional, extremely responsive and completely understood the business needs. She has great people skills and knows how to correctly match candidates to the requirements of the position. She knows how to develop a bond between her company and our company.”

    - Leading IT and networking client on Account Manager, Alexandria Lanieri

    “Austin has been an integral part of our growth in the last year. He has provided the dedication and hard work to understand our business and its needs. This has allowed us to get the right talent brought in and on boarded quickly to be able to support our demanding customers.”

    - Automation client on Account Manager, Austin Ptak

    “Claire is always available even after hours. She will answer your call or text and take care of the situation. I never have to worry when she says she will take care of something, it's done. Very dependable and makes looking for the right resource less of a chore than dealing with other firms. Always my first pick....... Claire and Apex!”

    - American bank holding client on Account Executive, Claire Mathews

    “Nicole continues to ensure that she has a complete understanding of my needs, works diligently across her team to identify best candidates and then continues to manage the account throughout the lifecycle. By far the most complete Account Manager I deal with across vendors.”

    - Multinational technology client on Account Executive, Nicole Hamlin

    “[Kevin's] been a great partner this year and has helped mend a previously fractured relationship. He listens to our needs, he's reliable, he's responsive and if we need something right away I know that I can trust Kevin and his team to deliver. We found ourselves in a couple of binds this year and due to Kevin's help we were able to source some amazing resources. Kevin always shoots me straight and always welcomes feedback.I know he truly cares about his work and is committed to driving results.

    Due to all of those qualities, Kevin has made APEX our most trusted and reliable staffing partner. Great job to Kevin and the recruiters that he works with. We are grateful for all the people they have placed with us this year.”

    - Leading American restaurant chain client on Account Manager, Kevin Ballweg

    “Cayla always goes far beyond the call of duty when I submit a requisition to Apex. I feel like the service provided is so far and away greater than anything I receive from any other vendor. I immediately get contacted so that I know they are prioritizing my requests and feel the quality of the submissions are second to none. So much so, that I don't even considercandidates from other partners because of the service and support provided by Cayla and her team. Thank you Cayla for being such a great partner. My teams appreciate the great talent you've been able to secure for us over the years!”

    - Worldwide health service client on Delivery Manager, Cayla Jacobsen

    “Steven is a terrific business partner - professional and dedicated. He demonstrates extraordinary patience with the contractual complexities of the federal business and always works to find a mutually-beneficial solution. Top-notch partner, always seeking a solution, invested in our success.”

    - Information technology services client on National Account Director, Steven Defrancesco

    Thank you to our clients for this wonderful feedback! We are proud to be your staffing and consulting services partner.

    Looking for a staffing partner to help you find top IT talent? Contact your local Apex branch here.