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Getting More from Your Daily Commute

August 2018 – Dustin Sandoval, Apex Vice President, Principal

Getting More from Your Commute

Getting More from Your Commute

A common difference that I have noticed between wildly successful people versus those less successful is the ability to get more done within the span of a traditional work day. Imagine what could be possible with just an extra hour of productivity!

The average person works five days per week, 48 weeks per year. So, if your commute is 30 minutes each way that’s 240 hours or six full 24-hour days that you can be taking advantage of to get more done.

Keep in mind, if you are in sales, this commute time more than doubles. Leadership expert @BrianTracy has stated that if you are in sales, your commute to and from your prospects in any given year is likely equivalent to a college semester’s worth of hours. Your commute is a prime opportunity to turn this necessary evil into your competitive advantage.

Listed below are five quick commuting hacks I have picked up over the years to get more out of your daily grind.

1. Listen to Podcasts or Books on Audible

Take the opportunity to learn more about your profession or your passion. Be a fly on the wall listening to great conversations with our generation’s most successful people. A few I would recommend are:

  • The Tim Ferris Show by Tim Ferris: Tim interviews and deconstructs top performers via long form podcast from a wide array of industries—sports, business, investing, entertainment, etc.
  • The Gary Vee Experience by Gary Vaynerchuk: Gary is a CEO, Investor, Vlogger and public speaker. He has a history of being 100% right-on point with new technology trends and is always entertaining.
  • HBR Idea Cast by Harvard Business Review: This podcast covers a wide range of topics and interviews professionals and academia at the top of their game.

2. Manipulate your Mood

Real talk: music changes our mood very quickly. Start your day off right, be the person who shows up in a great mood. If you are overwhelmed or stressed out, your favorite song can be a great way to get your endorphins pumping and get you back on track.

3. Prepare

Turn your commute time into prep time! Think about the biggest impact you can have on your day before you even get into the office. Heading to a big meeting or a presentation? Start thinking of all of the things that the client/stakeholder may ask. What are potential objections? Is there a weakness in your product or service? Why should they choose your firm? Visualize potential outcomes and plan for success.

4. Catch-up with Friends/Co-workers/Clients

Using a hands-free device, utilize this time to catch-up or check-in with people who are important to your day’s success or even people who you may have fallen out of touch with. If you are worried it’s not the right time to call someone, I would guess they are probably stuck in the same traffic that you are. Everyone has that friend or former client that you’ve been meaning to call, so make the call.

5. Find New Music

Use this time to decompress by finding new music. I use ‘Discover’ and ‘Release Radar’ playlists from Spotify. It creates a list of new songs based on your music library. What better time to listen and find the next ‘SOS’ than on your way home from work.

I hear so many people consistently complaining about their commute to and from work. Take the power back and turn your commute into a competitive advantage!

About Dustin:
Dustin Sandoval is Vice President of eCommerce Services and Principal at Apex Systems. He joined Apex in 2005 as a Technical Recruiter and soon moved to an Account Management role. During his career, he has served as a director for the National Accounts program and oversaw operational responsibilities for the Northeast District.

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