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Tech Charity Spotlight – Operation Code – Community for Veterans Learning to Code

April 2017 - By Erica Woods, Manager of Contractor and Community Relations

As an organization, we love advocating and supporting both veterans initiatives and efforts to teach Information Technology. Operation Code is the perfect blend of those! Founded in 2014 Operation Code is a virtual community to provide scholarships, mentorship and career support to veterans and their families who are interested in exploring Technology, primarily Software Development, careers. They are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to enable new career paths in software development for military veterans and their families.

Who is the Founder?
Army Captain David Molina.

Why was Operation Code launched?
When embarking on his transition, he was astonished and overwhelmed by just how much information was out there, and wanted to create a support system to provide real-time insight and direction from real people who’d ventured through this same journey! Operation Code’s main focus is providing a platform where veterans can seek guidance on how to enter the tech industry.

Who should get involved in Operation Code?
The two main audiences would be 1.) veterans and their families interested in programming careers and 2.) programmers who’d be interested in being a mentor and/or sharing advice and guidance with transitioning military members! Simply express interest via

How is the community structured? What type of advice and guidance is provided?
Everything is done online, via Slack. There are currently 2,500 members, and growing! The current platform they use is Slack. They have 90 total channels, including channels for Web-Dev, Mobile-Dev, JavaScript, Coding Schools, Python, Careers, Jobs, General Forum, Questions, GitHub, Location Based Groups, etc. Upon joining the Slack Group, you’ll receive basic information on different programs available for transitioning military members, and a list of core programming terms and coding languages.

What’s next for Operation Code?
In mid-2017, they launch a new one-on-one mentorship program to provide members with a traditional mentor/protégé relationship. There will be a mentor directory so members can search profiles and pick the best mentor for their career goals!

If you're interested in becoming a mentor, or if you're a veteran, service member, or military family member, please visit for more info.

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