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PMO Advice from Apex's Top PMO Recruiters on Standing Out to Hiring Managers

May 2017- Tips from Christy, Holly, Stephanie, Jamie, Steven, and Wendy, Sr PM/BA Recruiters with 45+ years of combined experience supporting PMs/BAs in job search

As a Project Manager or Business Analyst, where should you invest time and energy outside of the office to help grow your skills, build your network, and increase your marketability? Does involvement in local associations like PMI and Agile MeetUps impress Hiring Managers? What are other major tips I should consider from Recruiters who spend their days supporting clients with PM and BA hiring needs? This compilation of advice from 6 of our most tenured PM and BA focused recruiters concludes this 3-part PM/BA Career Blog series!

1. Is being involved in a local PMI, IIBA, Agile MeetUp or other local association important to your clients?

“This varies from client to client. Some organizations want all of their PMs to be heavily involved in the PMI Chapter and others don’t have a preference. Even if your employer doesn’t put a lot of emphasis on these organizations, I think it is important to consider attending on a regular basis for your own personal networking and to simply gather fresh ideas.”

“Typically not a requirement by any means but definitely a huge plus. It conveys that you are serious about your career and willing to take the time to network and develop yourself outside of work/paid hours. It also gives candidates great insight into the best practices and trends within their fields. Sometimes hiring managers are even present at these events which will make the interview a much warmer introduction.”

“While not required, relevant community involvement communicates a number of positive traits you’d want to be associated with, such as passionate, connected, strong initiative, desire to learn and grow, etc. Also, if you and the hiring Manager are part of the same association, an instant “connection” has been established prior to you even walking into the interview, which can go a long way in helping your chances of getting an offer!”

2. Are there any other big pieces of career advice you’d suggest for PMs and/or BAs?

“Don’t just leave one project for another based solely on rate. Often times the grass seems greener when there is more money, but building long-term relationships with clients, especially as a contractor, goes a long way in the PM/BA field. It is always a red flag to me when PMs have only worked short-term projects because that shows they may not have made an impact on the project end to end, and could have left a team in a bad spot for their own benefit.”

“Always be willing to take on projects that involve new technologies, frameworks or methodologies. Showing you can take on challenging projects and new technologies/approaches shows current/future Managers that you are adaptable, embrace change, and/or have the ability to grow and excel within an organization.”

“If you have skills you want to build, find a way to utilize and grow in your personal life! If you want to learn Agile Scrum, start to apply some key Scrum principles in your daily life. Look for events in your community where you can further build your knowledge base, such as a PMI Professional Development Day, or skills-based volunteering events, such as the Project Management Day of Service, which is held in a couple cities (

This concludes our feature on PMO advice! Check back for tips in other skill sets. Click here to view all of our job openings and submit your most recent resume today!