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Helping Clients Reach the Peak of their Industry: Providing Misson Critial Information Security

June 2017

In 2016, Apex had over 30,360 professionals on assignment with over 1000 clients. Our clients range from Fortune 50 industry leaders to small businesses on the rise. Whoever our clients are, Apex prides itself on being a true partner - customizing our skills, services, and processes to meet the needs of each individual client.

To demonstrate this partnership, we’ll share case studies of past projects periodically. Below is an example of a project with one of the largest federal integrators and long-time Apex client.

Client: One of the Largest Federal Integrators

Our client won a large government contract to manage a next generation datacenter for the Environmental Protection Agency. Due to the sensitivity of such critical data, information security was a top priority. Our client required a senior information security lead to manage, establish, document, implement, and monitor the agency-wide Security Information Event Management Program.

Apex provided a senior information security lead to manage related procedures and ensure compliance with contract requirements and government security policy and procedures. Additionally, Apex provided the following services:

  • Managed and ensured the development and documentation required for the approval process for the accreditation of information systems
  • Reported information system security incidents to appropriate points of contact, and then followed up to ensure that proper protection or corrective measures had been taken when an incident/vulnerability was discovered
  • Presented information system security education, awareness and training for appropriately cleared personnel
  • Reviewed and assessed all trouble reports and their potential impact on critical functionality
  • Created rules and policies for event monitoring

Our teams of technical professionals successfully provided mission critical information security for the datacenter and continue to monitor and maintain the program today.

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