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Top 10 Programming Skills

April 2017

What’s trending in the programming world? Richard Stanley and Doug Ford, our Java/Open Source and Microsoft Practice Directors, share the top 10 languages/skills our national client base has been requesting over the last couple months!

1. Java 8
View all of our Java 8 job openings - here.

2. Spring
View all of our Spring job openings - here.

3. Cloud Integration (AWS)
View all of our Cloud Intergration AWS job openings - here.

4. Node (for package management)
View all of our Node job openings - here.

5. React.JS
View all of our React.JS job openings - here.

6. Angular (mostly v1.4.X, v1.6.X, and v 2.4x)
View all of our Angular job openings - here.

7. DevOps
View all of our DevOps job openings - here.

8. C#
View all of our C# job openings - here.

9. Web API
View all of our Web API job openings - here.

10. Entity Framework
View all of our Entity Framework job openings - here.

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