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What Our Contract Employees Have to Say About Apex

December 2017

Each year, Inavero, a leading provider of client and employee online satisfaction surveys for staffing, accounting, and other professional services industries, distributes and compiles results from surveys to clients and contractors to determine Apex Systems’ annual Net Promoter Score (NPS). The NPS is based on the % of promoters, or those who express satisfaction and would recommend a company, minus the % of detractors, or those who express dissatisfaction and would not recommend a company.

What Our CEs Have to Say

This year, Apex is pleased to receive an NPS score a full 28% above the Staffing Industry Average. Contributing to our overall NPS, Apex received the following metrics:

stats graphic

Some of our contractors also provided specific comments on our service and their experiences with our recruiters. We’ve highlighted a few of our favorites below:

“[The] Apex team is very reliable and very willing to help. I always recommend [their] staffing to my friends.”

“Apex has provided a great working environment, been providing good communications prior to the job opening, and has a great working team.”

“I can honestly say this is the best experience I’ve had with a recruiting and onboarding process. Great people!”

“Everyone I’ve made contact with at Apex has been professional, friendly, and helpful.”

“The process of my hiring [went] so smoothly and perfectly! Thanks to Emily; she always keeps an eye on me and she’s so professional!”

- Apex Contractor on Apex Recruiter Emily Mendoza

“My recruiter Amber is AMAZING! She is so upbeat and readily available to answer any questions. She keeps in touch on a regular basis, so [I] never feel in the dark. Amber is a very genuine person, and I’m so glad I have her on my team.”

- Apex Contractor on Apex Recruiter Amber Walker

“Working as a contractor for Apex Systems has been a good experience. The recruiter and transition career coach are excellent.”

“The staff at Apex are awesome. You guys carry the slogan ‘Put your customers first.’ The staff put a great deal of effort into making my assignment as smooth as possible.”

“I love Apex! I recommend Apex to people all the time – talent and hiring managers. I am a long-time associate that has now transitioned to a full-time role with the help of Apex.”

“I was placed very quickly, and my placement has been wonderful! I feel it’s a great fit for me.”

“I would like to sincerely thank Eryn and the Chris for the amazing job they’ve done during hiring and throughout my tenure.”

- Apex Contractor on Apex Recruiter Eryn Lochart and Apex Account Manager Chris Joliet

“Marshena has been wonderful. Each time there was a road block, we worked together to resolve it…I love how responsive and helpful she has been.” <

- Apex Contractor on Apex Recruiter Marshena Moncrieffe

Thank you to our contract employees for this wonderful feedback! We are proud to be your career partner.

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