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Why Technology will Never Replace Recruiters

April, 2018- By Tyler, Account Manager, Houston, TX

Technical Developemtn

AI. Machine Learning. Big Data. Refrigerators are tracking our habits to tell us when to buy more milk. Our phones constantly transmit our location data to Google to predict traffic patterns for our commutes home. The uses for these and many other bleeding edge technologies today seem endless. Now, we are seeing this revolution in the world of staffing and recruiting. Online recruiting sites now scan a job description and identify matching candidates – seemingly replacing a traditional hiring model.

This technology can be a great tool, but can it really change the hiring landscape?

There is a major hiring trend that we in the staffing industry have become familiar with over the last few years that might still be too advanced for this technology. That trend is culture.

Culture is coming to work in shorts and flip-flops because you are a Java Developer at modern cloud services organization with a laid-back environment. Culture is hiring someone for your team because of their collegiate sports background – you know that they will have the same spirit of competitiveness as your current team. Culture is consistently assuming positive intent when you get a seemingly confrontational email.

Culture is everything from the small thing to the big: personality, humor, honesty, accountability, work ethic, perseverance, work-life balance. An investment banker on Wall Street will be motivated by a very different range of values than an aspiring graphic design artist. Furthermore, when Dell hires an HR professional, they evaluate talent on a very different basis than Nike does. There is a character trait evaluation that takes place that cannot be confined simply to a 1-10 rating scale.

So, what does this mean?

It means that there is much more to hiring than the black and white of a job description and we will never lose the human factor of staffing and recruiting. Relationships will always be the basis of world-class business services. Technology can do amazing things, but no matter how much data we collect, it is not capable of determining how our clients will feel about hiring one person over another.

Our company recruits in the technology industry. With the rate that technology is changing, we are becoming less dependent on professionals who carry the perfect skill set on paper and instead we are seeking out those who have the general technical aptitude and meet the major job requirements, but are also great learners and adapters. Does Jill know every coding language in existence? Great. But, in two years, it will all be replaced. So, the question has become, is Jill an ambitious team player and can she learn well and effectively apply her talent in a new environment? If I am a cutting-edge software scanning resumes for keywords, the latter question is much harder to answer.

So then, where is technology’s place in the hiring landscape?

It can be summed up in this way: technology is a great servant, but a bad master. For any professionals involved in the hiring process, we must be open to change and incorporate great technology into our craft. We must not attempt to replace the human relationship aspect of the job with anything. The value of real business relationships will always win out. It is safe to say that recruiters will not be replaced anytime soon.

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