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16 Recommended Interview Questions

July 2018

16 Recommended Interview Questions

Asking zero questions during an interview is one of the quickest ways to eliminate most interviewees/candidates from serious consideration! It can come across as a lack of interest in the position to the interviewer.

With that in mind, we pulled together our top question suggestions we encourage candidates to ask during the interview process!

    Clarifying Role, Expectations and Success Pre-requisites

  1. What do you want this individual to come in and accomplish over the next 3 months, 6 months, etc.?
  2. What are the key priorities and expectations of the role?
  3. What traits do your strongest team members show on a daily basis?
  4. What does it take to be successful in this role?

  5. Tech Stacks/Environment

  6. Break down your technical landscape for me. What are all the tools, technologies and versions you use?
  7. What does your technology roadmap over the next 1-3+ years look like (i.e. current vs. future state)?
  8. How do you do things? What processes, methodologies, standards, and other approaches do you utilize?

  9. Understanding Goals and Challenges

  10. What are some of the biggest challenges facing the department currently?
  11. What are the biggest challenges the person in this position will face?
  12. What are some of the biggest successes or projects this team/group has experienced in the last couple years?

  13. Understanding Culture, Management, and Perks

  14. How do you as a manager, or how does your manager, support and motivate the team?
  15. Why did you choose to work at this company?
  16. Are there any opportunities for professional development within the company?
  17. What are some unique aspects about the culture and environment that reflect why you and team members enjoy working here?

  18. Additional

  19. Are there any concerns about my background that I can address?
  20. I am very interested in pursuing the job opportunity further. What is the next step of the hiring process?

Many of these questions will be answered organically throughout the interview. We always recommend that you ask at least 2-3 questions during the Q&A portion at the end of the interview, and hope these recommendations are beneficial during that portion!

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