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5 Benefits of Using Scorecards in Your Hiring Process

As a manager, the hiring process can be difficult to organize. As you narrow down your list of applicants, how do you evaluate and compare your top candidates? What feedback can you provide both the candidate and their Recruiter/Representative, and in what form? A scorecard is the best way we’ve found to comprehensively evaluate a candidate, help in the difficult decision-making process, and capture feedback in a meaningful way.

Here are five reasons why scorecards are effective and should be standard practice to complete post interview:

1. Candidates receive specific feedback.
Scoring candidates based on specific criteria ensures candidates receive relevant feedback which can positively impact your company image and brand by up to 4x according to one LinkedIn study. A major frustration we hear from candidates who aren’t selected is “Why did I miss out? What constructive feedback or suggestions did they have?” Technology job seekers appreciate understanding exactly where they missed out, and if there’s any suggestions they can work on for improving their next interview!

2. Recruiters and staffing firms receive specific feedback.
Having concrete scores associated with each element of the job requirement and candidates helps recruiters and staffing firms provide you with better candidates in the future and ultimately saving you time, money, and frustration! If you’re interviewing 10+ candidates before you have an interview where the person is a fit for what you’re looking for, you’re not likely giving enough direction to the individuals supporting you in the recruitment process. In addition to providing as realistic a job description, goals, role priorities, requirements and preferred qualifications on the front end, providing detailed feedback after each interview helps your representative and recruiter better understand what you need and provide it for you faster.

3. Fair evaluation for all candidates
Using a scorecard process ensures a consistent and fair evaluation of all candidates. One of the worst positions you can put yourself in as a hiring manager is to allow unfair biases to affect your decision process or to give candidates a different interview experience or assessment. Having a standardized scorecard ensures consistency during the assessment and delivery of feedback.

4. Saves your feedback for future use/record.
A scorecard saves your work and allows you something to look back on if you interview the candidate in the future or if the candidate interviews with other managers/teams internally. We’ve lost count of how often a candidate will interview for one role at a company initially and then get hired on a different team. Another common scenario is that a candidate will interview and not be a strong enough fit or have needed technology stacks, but then get hired years later when they have more experience. If you keep candidates’ scorecards on record, you can save time and money by having quick access to your earlier feedback.

5. Organizes the hiring process and helps with decision making.
Having a singular place where you are capturing a candidate’s strengths and evaluating his or her cultural fit will keep you better organized as you move through interviews and ultimately lead to a better hiring decision. Just like it’s helpful to review a product against a list of requirements to measure if it meets expectations, assessing a candidate against a list of pre-defined criteria better determines if they’re a great match, and can be especially helpful in making decision in those cases where you have several candidates that you’re torn between!

Now that we’ve reviewed some of the benefits of a scorecard evaluation, here is an exaple!


As you fill out a scorecard post-interview, provide it real-time to the account representative or recruiter who submitted the candidate, as well as your internal HR or corporate recruiting team. Be sure to also save a copy in an internal folder for future hiring needs.

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