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Contractor Spotlight-Paul Moorhouse, Technical Project Coordinator

November 2017- Interview by Erica Woods, Manager of Contractor and Community Relations, Principal

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The heart of Apex is our people. This week, and every week, we’re thankful for our internal employees, contracted employees, and clients. In the spirit of the season, we’ll be featuring an individual or group that embodies our Apex values. Today, we are highlighting one of our outstanding contract employees, Paul Moorhouse. Paul has stood out among our contractors as an excellent performer; we sat down with him to learn more about Paul’s story and his path to success.

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What is your current role, and what projects are you currently working on?

Paul: I am a Technical Project Coordinator. My role is a mixture of IT, Financial and Compliance projects. Currently, I’m involved in two projects, a major financial software update and a major compliance initiative. The role requires a lot of interaction with software engineering teams, financials, and documentation.

Let’s talk about your IT story. How did you get into the field initially?

Paul: This is my first role in IT. I come from a health sciences background and did physical therapy for a year. I linked up with Apex, as my sister was a former contractor doing project coordination work. She recommended I look for opportunities with them.

Wow, transitioning from physical therapy to a technical project coordinator role. What are some skills/traits that translated to your new path?

Paul: Attentiveness, patience, good listening skills, asking pertinent questions, working well with people, communication, etc. A lot of my skills translated well, even though they’re two totally different careers. I went from explaining procedures to patients, to explaining procedures to IT/project management people.

What are some of the skills you’ve really had to develop or fine-tune to get acclimated to this new field/role?

Paul: Since this position is so company-specific, you start completely from scratch. Because of this, you have to possess a universal skill that you excel at right away to build some confidence in your new role. No matter how inexperienced you think you are, there’s always a basic skill you can be good at (if nothing else, use the internet to learn something). When I first started, I did my best to excel at the little things, like being highly responsive. I knew I could control that. I’ve really enhanced my communication skills (email, phone, etc.), and I capitalize on those strengths to set the foundation for the rest of my work. Like many other jobs, you find out very quickly how important it is to make good decisions. What I mean by that is, always have a logical purpose for everything you do, because you never know when you’ll get called on to provide a justification – you must be able to defend yourself.

What are some of the major “aha moments” you’ve had throughout your career?

Paul: I had some challenging projects thrown at me right off the bat, which in retrospect, I’m very thankful for. Going forward in my career, I’ll never shy away from the more difficult challenges or projects because that’s how we truly determine our strengths and weaknesses; it’s how we grow stronger. Whether we fail or succeed, the challenging stuff builds confidence.

What are some things you have seen employees or contractors do in the workplace that unfortunately tarnished their image by their peers, clients, and/or management?

Paul: Arrogance. Some people act like they know how to do everything and can’t admit when they just don’t know. Always be honest, don’t pretend to know something when you don’t. Also, overall lack of reliability or professionalism, such as not letting your boss know when you’re going to be late or sharing very unprofessional details of your personal life.

Congratulations Paul for being featured in our Contract Employee Sotlight and thank you for sharing some career advice with us!

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