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Do's and Don'ts of Working with a Recruiter

December 2017- by Chelsea Derr, Transition Career Coach

You’re in the job market and are exploring your options. You’ve posted your resume online and been contacted by some recruiters who may have positions available that match your skills. What’s next? Apex Systems’ Career Coach, Chelsea Derr weighs in on best practices for working with recruiters.

Chantal CE Spotlight

When working with recruiters, DO…

  • Be honest and upfront about current situation, job search status, interests and concerns. You’ll save both of you time if you are straightforward from the beginning.

  • Send over referrals for the jobs that are available if you are not a fit or interested. It’s good to build a relationship with the recruiter even if you’re not interested in the particular job available right now.

  • Send thank you notes following any interviews. A thank you note to the recruiter will be passed on to a client as well, showing respect and gratitude for the opportunity to interview.

  • Show respect for the recruiter’s abilities. The key to any successful relationship is mutual respect. Recruiters typically have information about a client’s needs that are not expressed in the job description. Their insight can help you land a position.

  • Keep track and stay organized with the positions and recruiters in your job search. It can be difficult to keep everything straight, but doing so could mean the difference between getting a job and staying put.

  • Return calls and emails within a reasonable time. Timeliness denotes respect and organization – skills employers are looking for in a candidate.

When working with recruiters, DON’T…

  • Waste recruiters’ time if you’re truly not interested in position or will not compromise on a rate. Thank them for their time and let them move on to other candidates.

  • Be rude to other employees that work at your recruiter’s staffing firm. Staffing firms are great resources for helping many candidates find work. All those involved in the process deserve your respect and consideration.

  • Use white font keywords on resume. Doing so implies you don’t actually have the skills if you had nowhere to put them within your resume.

  • Agree on a certain pay rate and then change your mind. Be honest with your recruiter from the start of your relationship and communicate any concerns about the rate.

  • Submit your resume to every recruiter. You can be disqualified from consideration if you’re submitted to one position by multiple agencies.

  • Tarnish relationship with unrealistic expectations. Be mindful that recruiters do not work for you - they are your partners in job searching. You can quickly bury your good reputation with them if you do not treat them as such.

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